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Monster Hunter Online - Daft Crafts, Merry Mechants, and Envied Enhancers

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Hello again Hunters! I hope the hunts went well. So pull up a chair, grab some Fish and Grain Stew, and prop those legs up! It's time for crafting!

In previous articles i've compared past Monster Hunters with that of Monster Hunter Online, and i'm here to show you something interesting that has changed for this entry into the series as well. Whereas we would have ALL recipes seemingly unlocked for us at the start (just needing the materials) in Monster Hunter Online, it goes in kind of a different direction. Let's first dive in to Potions and the like shall we?

As I was playing yesterday I thought to myself "Hey, where are my Mega Potions at?" while stumbling through my storage and inventory. Then I came to realize that I had NOT been crafting potioins this whole time. So I popped open my crafting tab (U) only to find out that the item list had not updated through levels. Something strange that made me put a face on like This.

So, being the kind of gamer I am, I spent awhile looking around trying to dig up the reason behind this in game. And I came to find something out that. They sell you the books! Yes, unlike the other entries in the series they actually cut out crafting "instantly" so to speak and make you spend money on the crafting books! I am not against this. It gives you something to spend Zenny on besides crafting and upgrading. A different pace instead of sitting on 1 Milliion Zenny like I am currently on my MH4U/4G game. But where do you buy these books you ask? From this lively woman!

Her name is Mora. If you open that tab she has, it will bring you to the Crafting Books. As shown below

Each book Tier costs about roughly 100 more than the last tier in Zenny. However getting up to the last Tiers it skips from 600 to 800, with the very last tier ending at 1000 Zenny a piece. Each book has a level requirement on it too, which I was unable to learn and make Mega Potions until level 20. Which was just fine, as I didn't really need them any as the quests up to now has been giving me chest loot to help. The Level requirement will be the second number on the top half of the description, with the top just telling you how many of the item it gives you.

So now that we're done with Mora, let's move on to Jewelcrafting and the books for those. They can be purchased from the lovely Ms. Renee Honey (As my translator says it is).

Much like Mora, Renee only has one option to choose from Clicking into this will give you all the books for jewels that you will need.

However, these are all locked behind level requirements as well. It's something to note though that even at level 21 I have not messed with jeweling my gear as it seems a little overkill for what i'm hunting. But the page looks similar to those of the potion books

SO now that we've covered crafting I thought we would cover some of the merchants of the game. I stepped over to the masked woman "Revital" (again, translator) to see what she had

Again, only one tab but clicking in you can see that she has some interesting items for red coins.

on the top she sells the books to learn the weapon arts much like the Master, but at the bottom you will see gear with an S on it. This is Glamour gear. Putting this on will NOT change the current gear equipped, but will rather just put a glamour piece on top of it in case you don't like the look of the current gear you have but you like the stats they produce. It's a nice change up even though it might not seem entirely necessary.

To the right of Revital, you will see Weibel. This is your general merchant that has three tabs.

Clicking on the top option gives you the usual Potion, pickaxe, and assortment of items you've grown accustomed to.

The middle and third tab gives you access to coatings if you've been lucky enough to get enough red coins to unlock the bowgun/bow.

There is not too much to say on Weibel as i'm sure most people understand the basics of a general good merchant. So i'll leave him at that.

One thing that we've been wondering is "How do you unlock/upgrade those certain perks in the skill tree?" during the past few days. It was also touched on by a commentor no another article. We know they are there and at the time of the past article I had not been introduced on how to upgrade those. They were just something to look at.

However! Last night I was tasked with talking to Kanban Mother Sasha.

This lovely NPC has something very special for us. If you click on her top option, you can see that she has special weapons you can obtain for a crazy amount of Zenny as well as some paw passes.

Nothing too special here as that is WAY outside of our Zenny range at the moment. But if you click on the bottom option, you can pull up special hunts with special options.

So what we see here is a hunt for a Gold Caeserber. But looking more closely the rewards for said hunt are a few things. You first have the chance to get some weapon upgrade stones. The ones seen in purple. But after that, you have the CHANCE to get weapon tokens. The crossed swords are for Sword and Shield. The big sword is used for Tachi/Longsword and Greatsword skills. The Arrow token is for Bowgun and Bow. And lastly the Axe token is for Hammer. Why an axe I have no clue but maybe that means we will see Switchaxe later in the beta or close to release.

Below those coins you will see trophies as well. Clicking on these changes the difficulty of the hunt, making it harder as you see fit. You can go on these hunts solo (I don't recommend, a regular Caeserber quest with no limit took me 20 minutes to kill solo) or you can take others and choose the higher options. The Higher options also have a set time limit in which you have to kill, like 7 minutes for the highest trophy, but will yield more rewards.

Once you have completed the hunts, you will be rewarded the Weapon Coins you need to unlock skills in the skill tree. These skills cost a set amount of weapon coins as well as Zenny. Usually the first two skills are unlocked at level 19, with the third and fourth around level 24. Once you have selected and unlocked the skill, simplyl drag and drop it into the center empty slot and it will now become active. You may have six of these said Skills active on at a time.

So that's it for this installment! If you liked what you read go ahead and drop me a comment. Let me know what you think about the crafting system or the skill upgrades. Until then, finish those meals Hunters and i'll see you in the fields!
(Not able to read this post or want to just plain WATCH me explain? Here's the video!)

This guy kind of snuck up on me last night and I wanted to edit this so nothing was left out. There is a tab in the middle of the crafting area that I had no idea how to get books for. This tab is for your traps and such. I found the person who sells the books to you! His name is Suo Nade.

The first tab he has is all types of bombs and the like with one or two traps.

The second tab is for more useful items. However, I have not been able to buy everything from him as I have bought EVERY book in sight and I have no Zenny after upgrades and books. So if you want something specifically found, leave a comment below and i'll try and look into it

And yes, both tabs have different books. Trust me I checked that out for you!

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Thanks for sharing, useful for people who dont understand Chinese
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anyone know which book is for pickaxe recipe and what lvl req for that book?
im lvl 17 and ive bought all book I could but still cant find it
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thank you very much, very useful information.
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