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Edited by Desmerox at 6-7-2016 06:59

Hello, i'm Desmerox. I started with MHFU and went on to MHF2 and MHP3 for PSP. Now i'm back to the World of Monster Hunter. Sadly i'm not accustomed playing with a keyboard but i hope that will change cause the camera sensitivity is so low with the gamepad.  I tried to change the settigings but it didn't work.

Currently i'm level 8. Just started today though. The weapons i like to play with are dual swords and great swords.

Edit: Changed server to South Region(华南一区) - Server (断流利爪)

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Edited by Kenshin67 at 6-3-2016 15:56

Hello hunters,

Name's Chris,  long time monster hunter fan, actually since the first I played: Monster Hunter Freedom 2 on PSP.

I played only a few in fact: MHF2, MF2Unite and MH3U on wii u, but alot, I think have about 1000 hours of MH playing.

Since capcom has an awfull politic in choosing the systems that have the honor of getting monster hunter, I'm talking of course about that console that I hate the 3DS... I gonna play MHO on pc, since I'm not sure if capcom releases a MH on next gen consoles or even wii U before I die from old age.

Favorite wepons: 3: lance2: LS
1: definetely bow, just love it!!!

Anyways if I can make MHO properly work I'm gonna enjoy every last bit of this game. Btw I'm playing with the DS4, probably the most confortable way to play a MH.

Just want to add that I'm french, so please don't judge me.

Have a nice hunt!!!

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Hey there =D

Name's  Julien, usual nickname's Vallantyn. MH addict since is came on PSP, and played every flavor it has since (including Frontier, Explore, Stories, ...). I'm actually slowly playing XX and just got back on MHO (didn't really had the time or the proper rig to do it before).
I'm mainly GunLance/LS/SA, depending on the game (switched to Brave GunLance on XX after playing Bushido LS on X, but may use a bit of CB sometimes).

I'm French, but actually based in Shanghai (China), so if any MH fans is here aswell, get in touch to grab a drink sometimes ;) !
I'm actually a game developer, and wish I could work on some MH-Like one day (really love that kind of games). I've played multiple kind of Hunting games, but only really liked God Eater/Toukiden.

I think that's all =) Enjoy the hunts, and seeing you IG !
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