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F2P Giant deck that got me from Arena 1 straight to 7

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Hey all,

First post around here so pardon me if it's not very organized and all over the place haha, also really f-ing long sooooo bare with me (;

Bit of background information, started playing Clash royale about 6 months ago, I was in another account but got quick frustrated because I was just stuck on I think around 1.5k trophies and to be frank the cards I got from chests were just not good enough, missed a lot of essential/good rare and epics. About 2 months ago I started up another account and went from there, have been doing great so far. (Both of my accounts are F2P) I'm sure a lot of people have written about these kinda decks already, because it's pretty classic and vanilla, but would just like to share how i had success with mine, so hopefully this post can benefit some of you

I am currently at around 2300 trophies at level 6 (Just hit level 7!), facing usually level 6-8 players occasionally level 9 (which could be very frustrating due to card level differences). Have been using the deck below right from the beginning and it works very well on every single arena (up until 7 I guess since I haven't gone to higher ones yet, will update tho) if you get enough practice in. I also sometimes change to the common Hog decks if I just need a few quick wins for the crown chests or whatever.

Sooooooo enough about myself, the post is gonna go a little something like this: Deck and Cards introduction (+substitutions), Strategies, Strengths and weaknesses.

Behoooooold the classic Giant deck!

Deck Average elixir cost: 3.5
Deck Type: Control. Answer whatever your opponent plays and try to make counter pushes.
Cards: Giant, Witch, Baby Dragon, Musketeer, Valkyrie, Goblins, Skeletons, Zap

P.s. Substition cards are going to exclude all legendary cards, 1) I don't have any therefore don't know how good/bad they do. 2) F2P, I'd just like to make this easy for f2p players and assume not all of us have legendary cards haha

The perfect meat shield. This card is very essential, a must-have for this deck. We all know about giants, he's just a very good tank unit. He is usually used for pushes (and occassionally for defense), put him in front of your support units and bam, towers down. (of course you gota play him right :p)

- None (Don't play this deck if you haven't got him. I could recommand trying out Giant skeleton but he gets distracted way too easily and one of the best thing about Giant is that he doesn't get distracted. We need him to go straight for the towers and tank tower/unit shots.)

In my opinion one of the best cards in the game. I was lucky enough to get her in my first few chests, which leads me to building this deck. Put her behind any sort of tanky units and you can make a push. A land splash unit card. She spawns skeletons that could help take out big units while she shoots (very quickly) from behind, those little skeles also usually take the first hit of any opponent troops coming your way which gives her time to lock on and produce a couple more shoots (e.g. minion hoard, wizard, Pekka e.t.c). Not to mention she has reletively high amount of health (survives a fireball), her alone could do a decent chunk of damage to towers.

Good against: Minions/hoard, cheap units (goblins/skeletons), skele giant, Pekka, Sparky (with good timing), mega minion

- Wizard: Also a very good land splash damage unit but has lower health and is a single unit. I find wizard quick hard to use due to it's low health but it serves just the same purpose as a supporting unit behind tanks.

- Executioner: Have not tried this card before but it should do similar work. Since he hits both air and ground units.

Baby Dragon,
Little baby dragon is also a splash unit! I like to use him because he has high health and is very good against any kind of swarm units. He's an air unit which prevents any kind of quick answers from opponent, people usually counter him wizard (which is very effective), archers or musket. I like to have him around because I always have two types of similar troop in my deck just incase opponent baited out my first answer, I still have a back up unit. Baby dragon is also not very expensive and could do great damage to tower if locked on. I like the multi purpose of it since he's also quite tanky, so if you want to make a push with him that's also viable, unlike minions or mega minion that sort of dies once they cross the bridge.

Good against: Minions, swarm units, ground unit spawners

- Minions/hoard: could work but they're so much weaker. Hoard costs a little too much for my liking, also very weak against arrows whereass bby dragon is pretty strong, sometimes survive a fireball.

- Archers: Are okay, since the two ladies shoot relatively fast, doing great dps. But again, is ground units so it clashes a little bit with the witch.

Musketeer: (I sometimes change this to knight/minipekka, depends on meta)
The good old musket! She's a high dps ground single target unit. Good for taking out any non-swarm/heavy units when put behind a tank or even when the opponent troops are distracted. Not much to say about her. She's just brilliant. Sometimes when you need just a couple hundred damage on a tower, send in a quick musketeer, once it locks on (maybe even plus a zap) she could do well. I try to add units that can hit both ground and air just incase.

Good against: Big Air units, cheap units in small quantity (one shot-able)

- Archers: Since musket acts as a supporting high damage card in this deck, archers would do just fine. These two can also split which is a upside, always good to have different options. They also do better against swarm units that are used to take out musket once she locks on (e.g. goblins, skeletons/army)

- Mini pekka: A bit of a different card but surprisingly this little guy serves similar purpose, eventhough he has to go upfront to engage troops he does high damage and is very quick. Similarly, weak to quick cheap units. Would also be another win condition to the deck if you add him. Can't hit air units though so that's one down side but with witch and baby dragon, you should be able to handle pretty much any airs.

- Mega minion: Pretty much the air version of musket. But I find him a little too low on health and he also need to walk to the enemy to hit, gets distracted easily whereas musketeer is purely ranged.

Round and around and around she goes. A very good ground splash unit, also act as a tank in this deck. I like to make small pushes with her if I don't have the giant ready. Handles all the small cheap units, can also tank a few hits from the hard hitting troops. Elite barbs are very popular at my arena at the moment and she does very well against those boys. Despite the slow speed she could do good damage once locked on a tower. When opponent does a huge push, she can be put right in the middle of everything and just rekts (have to becareful of timing though, best when all their units locked on something, better if they dont have air units)

Good against: just any ground units?

- Knight: I used to use knight because he's cheaper and a good tank (also). But more multiple units were used recently so I changed to Valk. I would say knight does a brilliant job also, I say this often but him alone on a tower could do literally hundreds and people don't bother to counter him alot of the times. He is very good against pretty much any units except air, from wizard to little goblins, musket, bomber e.t.c

Goblins and Skeletons,
Basically the cycle cards int his deck, since other units are relatively heavy. They are good distractions as well, not too expensive just about right. Perfect counter for mini pekka, prince, elite barbs, then put a supporting unit like musket or baby dragon up top and you have the answer for everything. Goblins are also is good to chip in 100-200 tower damage if you have nothing to play, a good bait for log/zap/arrows. These are also the cheap answers to units after they lock on towers, wizard/knight/musket e.t.c., a little off topic but this deck is all about getting those cheap/positive trades so no rush with the plays. Allow your opponent to hit your tower a couple times and you can get a huge elixir advantage (e.g. wizard - skeleton, +4 elixir)

Good against: Cheap trade with units that locked on to towers, heavy hitting units (easy distraction)

- Goblin gang/spear goblins/ice and fire spirit: cheap cycle units, i dont really recommand the spirits since once they jump they dont, hmmmmmm exactly stop the incoming troops as effectively? But don't hurt to experiment a little bit.

The only spell in this deck, I have tried replacing this with fireball and arrows but found zap to be the most useful. Since you're not trying to use the spell to finish up or anything it doesnt have to do exactly a ton of damage, you almost always have the perfect answer ready for any card your opponent places so really the zap is just to "pause" the incoming troops or stun the tower/defending units when you're doing a push. That could often times get you a win if you use zap right. Zap also takes out some player's goblins and skarmy (which is often use to defend the giant you play), since every one of your push should always consist of splash damage the cheap units they play shouldn't be a problem. Arrows aren't too bad either since they clear up minions but and goblin barrels.

Good against: Goblin barrel, skarmy, good for resetting any "charged up" units (e.g. sparky, inferno tower/dragon, prince e.t.c)

- Arrows: Like mentioned, but it also causes one more elixir and that could be a slight problem sometimes, since all your units are around 3-5 if you happen to get stuck on a horrible cycle, it could set you back.
- ice spirits/fire spirits: could do similar but then again, needs good timing and placement.


You can almost play anything with any starting hand except the giant because you dont want to reveal it too soon. It's also good to wait until your opponent plays something THEN you play to answer, but i wouldn't recommand wasting elixir just to "get good trades" because if you're sitting at full you're wasting them anyway so why not just play something. One of the best thing about this deck is you dont just have one answer for their cards, whether it's mini tanks, splash or single target hitting units you got them all, so you dont have to worry about running out of answers if they "rush" you after you've played something first. Anyway, I would either play, 1) Goblins, to chip in some tower damage; 2) Witch at the back, probably along with knight/valk/giant in front if they play nothing. 3) Sometimes skeletons (dont split) at the back, to pair it with something else afterwards. Like I've mentioned before, all you have to do is answer your opponents cards and then make a big counter push, thats how it works and it does its job well. Try to always apply pressure too if possible. Except for goblins and skeletons, every one of your other cards needs to be answer because if they lock on they could very well do hundreds of damage to tower on their own.

One cool trick I always do if i've already taken a tower is to play the giant along with a few goblins in different position, it's a very quick way to take the power of course the positioning have to be done right. This has won me so many towers you dont understand haha

About fighting against decks hmmmm,

Hog decks: since usually they pair their hogs with minions/spirits/archers or whatever, just make sure you put down a knight/valk in the middle or to the sides to distract that supporting unit, then kill the hog with skeles/goblins. You take a few damage but it really doesnt matter. You'll be able to make a big push with those left over units afterwards.

Golems decks: Easy trick is always apply pressure, since you dont have fireball or rocket to take our their pumps, you gota try to take their towers as soon as possible. Your cheap units can usually take out the early golems fairly easy paired with a knight or anything tanky taking out the units behind. These are the times when I would consider putting back in musket since she's good for taking out these big damage sponges and sometimes baby dragon/wtich dont do enough.

Pekka/Prince decks: You got both cheap cards as distraction, put down a baby dragon/witch at the back to do damage. Shouldnt be hard to counter at all. Zap them if necessary.

The two decks I seem to have a bit of trouble beating are Ballon/giant skeleton decks, first for giant skele, it counts all those supporting units too well. Once you defended the skeleton the left over units that I've placed down is supposed to become a counter push once I've put a tank in front but the bomb almost always kill them all. Giant skeleton on defend also destroys pushes. One trick i would recommend is just to pull that thing all the way to another tower but that's quite hard to do sometimes. For ballons, they are usually paired with a tanky units, since the only air hitting units are witch and baby dragon, they don't do enough damage, especially if your opponent has a wizard behind to support. Don't exactly have a strat for this except, 1) take their towers first, 2) Add in musket, sometimes i let them take those towers while I make the biggest push ever, along with the trick i mentioned above with the giant and goblins. Timing is key though.

This deck isn't hard to play but it take a little bit of practice to get good at it. I've played this from Arena 1 to 7 and it works very well. You have to occasionally switch some cards for the meta but the basis should be similar.

Hmmmm That's about it for my first post, hope that was helpful, took me quite a while, I tried to be as thorough as possible but sorry if it's not very structured.Please feel free to comment down or whatever, would love to hear different opinions on this ;p


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That looks cool. Currently stuck at A4 and gonna try your deck
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joyce 4-23-2017 23:43
That looks cool. Currently stuck at A4 and gonna try your deck

How did you find it haha :p
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