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Deadly Giant Witch Combo Deck!No Legendaries - Used by Top Players

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Deadly Giant Witch Combo Deck!

(No Legendaries)- Used by Top Players

This is the 2nd strategy suggested by Ash which is used by many of the top players out there. This will be based on another Ash video and has been very successful for him and a lot of those top players out there. You can find the first strategy here: The Hog Trifecta Deck! (No Legendaries)- Used by Top Players

This battle strategy will ensure you reaching Arena 9 without too many problems.

Battle Deck:

The Witch + Fire Spirits + Giant+ Mini Pekka + Musketeer + Zap Spell + Poison Spell + Elixir Collector

Starting Strategy:

This strategy can be seen as a counter push strategy which means the cards can be used in defense and then followed up in offense. To start off, it would be wise to place the the elixir collector in the middle as seen in the video given below. You may then start plotting your counter push after your opponent has made his move accordingly.

Use and role of each card:

1.The Witch:

General Information:

The Witch is an epic card who comes at an elixir cost of 5. She has the unique ability of summoning skeletons.


The Witch can keep summoning skeletons at regular intervals. This can often distract troops and can also be extremely vital against cards like the hog rider, the prince, mini pekka, giant etc who are already shaky against the skeletons. The witch can also target flying troops.


The witch does not do well in one one combat. If her skeletons are not there to protect her, she is extremely vulnerable due to her low hit points.

How to use it in the Strategy:

The witch in this deck can be used for both defensive as well as offensive purposes. She can be used to counter for flying unit and other troops which may be a threat to the giant when send behind the giant and is also used as backup when your tower is in danger.

The witch can also slow down troops like the prince and take out troops like hog rider etc., by summoning those handy skeletons.

2.Fire Spirits:

General Information:

The Fire spirits is a common card that comes at an elixir cost of 2.


The can cause good damage and easily eliminate cards like the minion hrde, minions and the skeletons.


The fire spirits do not do well alone. They can be eliminated even before they reach their target,

How to use it in the Strategy:

The Fire Spirit is specifically in this deck to take out troops like the minions and cause effective damage to other troops like the barbarians, skeleton army etc.

The Fire Spirit is also a low elixir card that will give you an elixir advantage and the advantage to win!

3.The Giant:
General Information:

The Giant is a rare card that comes at an elixir cost of 5.

Strengths: The giant is high on hit points and can cause good damge with each of its punches. can effectively take out troops with low hit points like the skeleton army, goblins etc. A full swing of her blade would mean that she can deal in considerable area damage.

Weaknesses: He cannot defend himself against troops the skeleton army, goblins etc. Moreover, he is quite slow in his approach.

How to use it in the Strategy:

The giant is a useful card to have especially when you need someone to fend off attacks while you are looking to waste time or collect on elixir. Although the giant comes at a high elixir cost of 5 he will make each of that elixir well spent!

The use of the giant in this deck is to use it along the witch. This will act as your attack strategy.

4.Mini Pekka:

General Information:

The mini pekka is a hard hitting troop that comes at an elixir cost of 4.


The mini pekka deals in high damage against any troop. Get him to your opponent’s tower and the game is virtually won.


The mini pekka can be easily eliminated by troops like the skeleton army, goblins etc. It does not do well against a group but thrives one on one,

How to use it in the Strategy:

It is a fact that the mini pekka is vulnerable against flying unit sand others units that attacks in groups like the skeleton army and the barbarians. However, you may it in this deck as it will ensure that every weakness of the pekka is negated and in this case, you can use the zap card to negate the mini pekka’s weakness against the skeleton army. You may also use the poison spell or which ever you think is necessary.


General Information: The musketeer is a rare card that comes at an elixir cost of 4.

Strengths: The musketeer can deal in damage from a distance. What’s more is that every hit from the musketeer deals in good damage.

Weakness: The musketeer does not fare very well against an army like the skeleton army or the minion horde. It is also quite vulnerable when a troops like the valkyrie and the mini pekka and in combat with it,

How to use it in the Strategy:  

The role of the musketeer comes in its ability to cause huge damage to your opponent’s tower. However, since the musketeer comes with a weakness of getting taken out too quickly due to it’s low hit points. It is for this reason that the musketeer fits perfectly within this deck. You may send the musketeer behind the giant and cause damage together.

6. Zap spell:
General Information: The zap spell is a common card that comes at an elixir cost of 2.

Strengths: The zap spell can be used on troops like the skeleton army, goblins, minion horde etc.

Weakness: It deals in low damage and is only effective in defense.

How to use it in the Strategy:

The Zap finds its place in this deck purely for a defensive purpose. When your tower is under attack by potentially dangerous troops take them out by using the zap, The Zap will stall them for a second and cause some damage as well leaving the tower the chance the take the troops out.

The Zap is extremely effective against the skeleton army, the minions and the minion horde, so keep him safe so that your opponent exhausts his elixer while not anticipating the zap.

Poison Spell:

General Information:

The poison spell is an epic card that comes an elixir cost of 4.


The poison spell deals in are damage and can cause damage to anything in its wide range.


The effect of poison spell is slow and may not last as long as you want it to.

How to use it in the Strategy:

The Poison spell must only be placed correctly on the right area and right results will pop up. It is extremely vital in nature. The video will give you a more clearer idea on how to use this spell.

It can cause sufficient and long lasting damage to the towers, troops and buildings in its range.

8.The Elixir Collector:

General Information: The elixir collector is a rare card that comes at an elixir cost of just 6.

Strengths: It can serve as a distraction as well. The collector will help you gain an elixir advantage.

Weakness: It comes at a high cost and its life can be reduced through cards like the fireball, miner etc..

How to use it in the Strategy:

You can use the elixer collector for this purpose and get the added advantage in the middle of the battle. The collector is a great tool to create some pressure on your opponent and can also be used as a distraction for defensive purposes.

Battle Strategy:

Offensive: Giant + Witch

The giant can be sent out behind your tower. You should start off slowly with this strategy as it on the higher side of elixir consumption. You may then later, place the witch right behind your giant and give it support. The witch along with her skeleton can take out necessary threats. The poison spell can be added to this for additional damage.

Defensive: Elixir Collector, Poison Spell and Zap

The defensive strategies in this deck comprises of several options which can be used in various situations. As it covers most of the defensive voes for any player, this strategy can be seen as a strong and a viable one! The following is the role of each of these cards:

Elixir Collector( used as a distraction) –- Giant, hog rider, Prince etc.

Poison Spell and Zap–- All flying units and small units like the skeletons, goblins.

The Zap-- Skeleton army and other ground units.

The musketeer can also be used as a defensive option when needed the most as you will see in the video.

1.Send out the musketeer from the back of the giant if you see an opening to cause some damage.
2.Attack one lane while carefully defending the other.
3.As it is a combination strategy remember to use each card to supplement the other.
3.Use your final sixty seconds wisely, don’t let your opponent rush you.
4.Watching videos and understanding the role and the weaknesses of every card in your deck will greatly help you.
5.Look to win Elixir Trade offs and don’t focus too much on just attacking.
6.Last of all, like I always say, Have fun, share and comment away!

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