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Knowledge is Power: The Importance of Troop Placement! Learn to be the best.

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Hi everyone!

My name is Sookil and I am a 4,100+ player from the US, who also happens to be F2P and only a level 10!


To give you a taste of knowledge, let's begin our talk about troop placement and the importance of placing troops/buildings in specific tiles in the game and how it effects the outcome of the troop interaction.


To start, we need to talk in the simplest terms of gaining an elixir advantage, because THAT is what wins games. Don’t get me wrong, higher level troops will help win you games, but being a player who understands how elixir advantages are won will allow you to beat those pesky higher levels on ladder.In the simplest terms possible, you gain an elixir advantage by using a lower costing elixir troop/spell to kill a higher costing elixir troop (this can be done on offense OR defense).

Example: I use a 1 elixir ice spirit to kill (with tower help!) a group of minions which cost 3 elixir. This is a positive 2 elixir trade for me.

REMEMBER: Your tower is free damage that can make your trades even more efficient. USE IT.

Why is this important? Because without elixir you can’t play troops. The more elixir you have, the more troops you can play, thus giving yourself a better chance to win.



Troops/spells/buildings can be placed in a vast number of spots on your side of the map and, believe it or not, where and when you place them DOES make a difference. I wrote a guide on Reddit called "Beating GOISON", and I spent part of it discussing the most optimal place to put your Inferno Tower. The tower needs to be placed as far left or right (opposite the giant) as possible so that it “pulls” the giant towards it and thus creates a longer distance for it to travel to my tower. The more time I can waste making that giant walk back and forth is time saved from it wailing on my poor tower. This ALSO gives me time to kill support troops behind the giant because this causes the giant to separate from the troops behind it, allowing me to back drop them and kill them. I can then refocus on the giant and create a counter push with my remaining troops.

This general tactic can be applied to any troop that targets buildings and be done with any building on defense. Just know that different troops and different buildings have slightly different distances they can “pull” or be “pulled”.

When it comes to troops that attack other troops it’s a little different. Troops have a less reliable system of targeting, as they attack whatever is closest to them and that is dictated by their range.

As an example, my attacker sends a mini pekka down the LEFT lane with fire spirits behind it. I can play 4 different cards:

1. Zap
2. Mini P
3. Miner
4. Ice Spirit
(These are cards I took from my own deck)

I would first zap the fire spirits and mini pekka together for two reasons. One, fire spirits deal a lot of damage and will kill/heavily damage any defensive troop I play. Two, I can deal damage to the mini pekka and stall it for half a second which gives me some more time to think.

My second play would be to place my ice spirit to the right of his Mini P to pull it as far right as possible. While the Mini P is distracted, it is taking damage from my tower. The ice spirit will freeze the Mini P and the tower will kill it as it runs back towards my tower.

I can then counter with my miner and any other troops I may have.

Cost to attacker: 6 elixir

Cost to me: 3 elixir


The last topic that ties into this is timing and this goes back a little further in our discussion to the idea of troop targeting. Troops that need to be pulled can only be pulled if the troop/building you play is placed at a time when that troop is closer to the attacking troop than any other defensive troop or building (this includes your tower). If you play a troop too late, then attacking troop will still target the tower instead of the defensive troop/building. We’ve all done it before.

REMEMBER: Pulling a single troop is easier than pulling and killing multiple troops. Using troops/spells to kill and get rid of cheap troops like minions, goblins, fire spirits, etc. is important and useful! This idea of timing becomes more difficult and complicated when you aren’t pulling a single troop, but rather multiple. Learning where and when to play troops and buildings to separate groups of troops is incredibly useful and can be discussed at a later date. There is enough information there to make a whole new thread.

Quick Example: My opponent plays a miner and a minion horde. You look down and “oh shit” you have no anti air spell. This means you HAVE to pull the horde AWAY from the miner to kill the horde. If you do not pull the minion horde then your defensive troops will target the miner and the horde will roll over everything, tower included.

In my deck, I would use the princess/ice spirit, ice spirit/zap, princess/zap, or if I’m really in a bind I will play my own horde in the middle of the map (there are more combinations that will work).

The key with all of these is that you use the troop (ice spirit or horde) to pull the attacking minion horde away from the miner and towards the middle of the map so that your defensive troops can kill it.

Cost to attacker: 8 elixir

Cost to me: Zap/Ice spirit is 3 elixir or princess/zap is 5 elixir

TIP: Do not play your princess on the same side as the attack is coming. The princess has plenty of range and there is no need to play her in harms way (there are case by case exceptions to this rule). On top of this, this forces your opponent to sometimes play a troop/spell on the opposite side to kill her. Any troop/spell that isn’t played in the main push is worth it because then the overall push is weaker! Remember, I said that killing and pulling lower numbers of troops is easier than multiple.

Efficient elixir trading like this can result in massively one sided wins and can save your tower valuable hit points. Learning these kinds of tricks can really boost your game play and your game knowledge.

Knowledge is power friends.


My deck:

This post contains more resources

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