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New Low elixir Tornado Deck In Clash Royale! (Ash’s Deck Strategy)

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New Low elixir Tornado Deck In Clash Royale!

(Ash’s Deck Strategy)

Hey! This new slow elixir strategy will focus on the new tornado card. This is another Ash deck and has been a deck that ash has been using quite successfully. It is definitely a deck he would recommend!

This battle strategy can be used in Arena 8 and higher.

Battle Deck:

Golem + Tornado + Ice Golem + Log/Fireball + Zap + Archers + Mega Minion + Tombstone

Use and role of each card:


The Golem in this deck consumes the highest amount of elixir in this deck but can however give you great value for the elixir spent. The Golem can also be cycled frequently as it is played around with other cards who have a very low elixir count,

The role of the Golem in this deck is that of absorbing damage and creating the distraction needed for the other units to take advantage. It is important to use this card wisely as the deck revolves around this card and the unique use of the tornado.


The Tornado is one of the newest cards in the game. This card comes at a very low elixir cost of just 3 and is extremely useful while defending.

The role of the tornado is to simply push the opponent troops back and group them together so that another card with the ability to cause splash damage can completely take out your opponent’s attacking push.

As seen in the video, even cards like the bowler, giant etc can be pushed backed, grouped together, weakened by the zap and taken out by the log! This strategy can easily put you in the driver’s seat to win the game.

3.Ice Golem:

The Ice golem is another card that comes at a very low elixir cost. The role of this card is to not just be a sense of distraction but to also slow down and weaken your opponent’s troops.

The Ice golem can help in creating pressure as well and its unique ability to cause damage after it has been taken out is an added advantage.


The log is extremely effective in taking out the skeleton army and in pushing back troops that are looking to take your tower down. This will give your tower more time to defend and more time for your elixir to build as well. Ash recommends the use of the log after using the tornado as the tornado can bring the troops together near a specific region.

A good substitute to the legendary log is the fireball which can be used to provide towards the defensive unit. The fireball can be used to take out flying threats like the minion horde and the barbarian.

The Fireball can also be used as a last second clincher to win you the game! When matches often go to the last minute, the fireball is extremely useful. It is recommended to use this card after using the tornado as well in the case of a spread out an a threatening push against you.


Another card that comes at an elixir cost of just 2 is the Zap. The main reason this card is there in your deck is t cater to the defensive unit.

As many of you guys would’ve already noticed, the zap is extremely effective against the minions and the skeleton army. Apart from this you may also use the zap to weaken the push from your opponent after using the tornado.


The archers can be placed behind the golem for attacking purposes or it may be used at a distance against flying units like the minions. Ground units like the skeletons are also extremely vulnerable against the archers.

The long range shots that the archers can take is also very useful and an added advantage that you can use.

7.Mega Minion:

The mega minion packs a real punch when it is on the offesive. However the mega minion is not very high on the hit points. So shielding him behind the golem is a smart tactic.

Also, taking out heavy units like the giant is also made easy by having this unit in your deck. The video below clearly shows how useful this card can be at such a low elixir cost!


The Tombstone is an excellent source o distraction against many troops like the prince, hog rider etc. What’s more is that the tombstone can help in taking out these units as the skeletons that come out after the tombstone has been taken out come out in large numbers.

The Tombstone is thus an excellent asset to have. While the golem is out there looking to attack., the tombstone will buy you time and a great defensive option against a number of troops.

Battle Strategy:

Offensive: Golem + Zap + Archers

This attacking strategy should see the Golem dropped off from the bottom corner in order to buy more time to drop contributing cards that help the golem out. Two of such cards can be the zap and the archers. The zap can be used against minion threatening to take out the golem early and the archers can be used for backup.

The goal of this strategy should be to get the golem to the others side while it is still in one piece.

Defensive: Tornado + Zap + Log/Fireball

This strategy can be used against counter pushes from your opponent. The troops looking to attack can weakened and brought together using the tornado. They can further be weakened using the zap and the log to add the final touches. In the case that the log is nt at your disposal you may use the fireball an replace it instead of the log and the zap. The fireball is strong enough to take out most attacking combinations.

The accuracy of the fireball can be further increased by suing the tornado.

Tombstone(Can serve as a distraction as well) –- Giant, hog rider, Prince etc.

Fireball –- Barbarians, Minions, Skeleton army etc

Zap –- All flying units and small units like the skeletons, goblins.


1.A high average elixir cost combination will require patience in creating offensive pushes.
2.Attack one lane while carefully defending the other.
3.As it is a combination strategy remember to use each card to supplement the other.
3.Use your final sixty seconds wisely, don’t let your opponent rush you.
4.Watching videos and understanding the role and the weaknesses of every card in your deck will greatly help you.
5.Look to win Elixir Trade offs and don’t focus too much on just attacking.
6.Last of all, like I always say, Have fun, share and comment away!

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