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Strong and Fun Lava Hound Deck

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Hi guys! Its Furball again.
Today, im going to introduce you guys to a new lava hound deck!
This deck is very interesting as it is very defensive although having a lava hound in it. It can defend decently against the meta and do some work on towers. Most of the wins will be 1-0 or 2-1 as this deck is a more control type of lava hound deck.
This deck brought me up to the 3.4k-3.6k range. However, it isnt my mainstream deck and I usually use it when im bored or just looking for some fun.

Furball's Lava Hound Deck

Lava Hound
Ice Wizard
Elixer Collector
Average Elixer Cost: 4.0

This deck relies on how well your defend against pushes. If youre a very defensive player, this deck will give you alot of defensive options and still being able to play a lava hound. Most lava hound decks carry alot of air troops which I dislike cause they cannot distract ground troops which is a big cause i feel that im a player who dislikes going for risks and taking 1000+ damage but having a chance to get my enemy's tower down. This Lava hound deck solves the problem by having ice wizard and knight and a tesla as the main defense and having minions and miner if things get rough.

Main Push

The main push is Lava Hound + Poison + Miner + Ice Wizard + Minions
If you can get this push off your enemy is considered dead, even if the enemy has an inferno tower, the miner will tank for the minions and lava pups while the ice wizard is making matters worse by slowing the enemy's arena down.

This deck also has lots of synergy
Miner + Minions
This is a strong push if the enemy has placed a tank at the back to build elixer as he will be forced to use the troops meant to back up his giant on defence to defend against your push. And hence making both the supporting troop and giant easier to be countered.

Knight + Minions
This is a very good counterpush if you have used your knight on defence and the knight has been left with a good deal of health, consider plopping minions down to give your enemy a harder time on defense.

Ice Wizard + Miner
Lets say if you have an ice wizard walking down the lane after defending and on that lane, there is an elixer collector, consider putting the miner on the elixer collector and you will watch the tower lock on to the miner while the ice wizard racks up damage while slowing the arena tower down. This push is easily overlooked as ice wizard has the 3rd lowest damage in the game, hence its a great push to surprise enemies as it can easily deal 700-1000 damage.

On Defence

The Knight has alot of expandable capabilities on defence, due to his cheap elixer cost and high health, he is even able to take 1 sparky shot and survive. He is a very good troop on defense and does well on counter pushes.

Minions + Tesla

This will ensure enough air coverage against lava hound and it defences everything decently well. With the minions dealing 91 damage per hit, they will rack up damage as the tesla will tank for the minions.

Ice Wizard + Tesla

With the Ice wizard slowness and Tesla's coverage of air and ground and with high damage per second, it will defend against most pushes such as giant & Witch and Giant Poison.

The Deck weakness

This deck is mainly weak against strong ground based decks. The deck is more weak towards giant + poison and giant based decks.
However, this deck counters hog decks decently and against zap bait decks, they do mediocrely.

The Deck Strengths
This deck is strong against most lava hound decks and beats other lava hound decks effortlessly. This deck also has a speciality in dual pushes.
Dual Pushes means that a deck has more than 1 winning factor. In most lava hound decks, the win factor is only lava hound. However, in my deck, I have basic miner strong pushes and also the lava hound as the 2 win factors.
Therefore, why i recommend this deck against other lava hound decks is because of this lava hound deck having 2 ways of winning. Its even possible to win without even using the lava hound. The lava hound is the primary push but the miner and other troops act as the secondary push, which is what this makes the deck special and unique.

I hope that you guys will be able to try out this deck if you have the time and legendaries. Its a decent deck and fun to play with, I wish you guys luck on your future endeavours in Clash Royale. Clash On Guys!

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