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The Best Combo Deck In Clash Royale! (Cheif Pat’s Deck)

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The Best Combo Deck In Clash Royale!
(Cheif Pat’s Deck)

This is another deck that has been highly recommended by Chief Pat. Chief Pat being one of the top players in the game and a famous youtuber has also accredited this deck to be the best deck in the game! This deck will feature a new combination, counters and push strategies in order to ensure a three start in every match.

This battle strategy can be used in Arena 7 and higher.


Freeze + Hog Rider + Musketeer + Goblins+ Valkyrie + Elixer Collector+  Arrows + Pekka

Use and role of each card:

1.Freeze Spell:

The Freeze Spell is a very famous card in the game as it is associated with a number of combinations! It is often paired up with the hog rider and the prince. However Chief Pat has put this spell into this deck with the intention of pairing the card up with with all the attacking options in the deck.

The Freeze spell can be paired up with hog rider in order to cause sufficient damage as it has been doing in the past. For more reference on this strategy you may refer to the Hog+ Freeze Strategy! However this deck does not limit us to this one combination. You can link the freeze spell along with the musketeer and the Valkyrie as well – As seen in the Video link, associating The Pekka with the Freeze is also a great combination becausean unaffected Pekka can cause some serious damage to thetower.

2.The Musketeer:

The Musketeer is known for her long range shots which are can be dreadful to the opponent. She can fire at flying troops as well which is an added advantage that cards like the Valkyrie do not possess.

The Musketeer can be teamed up with the pekka wen sent behind him. She can also be teamed up with the freeze spell as each shot is extremely damaging in nature. Its nature of supplementing any card in the deck at a reasonable elixer cost makes it an important card.

3.Hog Rider:

The Hog rider looks to deal quick damage and this nature of the hig rideris extremely convenient to this deck as it adds to the element of pressure. The Hog Rider can make a combo along with the freeze spell or even the musketeer sent behind him.

The Rider is weak against cheap troops with low hit points like the skeletons, goblins etc. In this case an effective combo in the form of a freeze, or valkyrie etc can be added.


The Valkyrie is an extremely important card in this deck as it can take out threats to the pekka and the hog rider. The Valkyrie is also effective against the tower.

When used in defense troops like the skeleton army, goblins etc stand no chance! The Valkyrie can be teamed up with another card making it stronger..


The Goblins provide the cheap defensive option against troops like the Giant, prince etc. This card will essentially provide the extra option of pushing in another card to support it as well as the elixer count is relatively low!

The goblins when used carefully will also help you win elixer trade-offs.

6.Elixer Collector:

Most decks out there will have this card in their possession. This card will give you the added elixer advantage. It is smarter to use the card after the level 5 as this will increase the hit points on the collector.

The collector is often used as a distraction for defensive purposes. So when you see troops like the prince and the hog rider charging at you, the collector can be used as a distraction.


The Pekka is dominant in nature and when subjected to threats like the horde, skeleton army, it can take care of itself as the Pekka will have cards such as the valkyrie and the arrows as back up.

This combination can cause a lot of problems to the opposition because of its hard hitting nature.


The arrows come at a cheap elixer cost of just 3, however, they can be used against higher or similar costing elixer troops like the minion horde, goblin barrel, goblins, skeleton army etc. As result, the arrows card will leave you at an elixer advantage.

Whats more is that the arrows end up defending in a way which is often ignored by many people. They are strong against troops which are capable of serious quick damage! So, if it wasn’t for this card in your deck you would’ve already lost a tower by now.

Battle Strategy:

Offensive: Pekka + Valkyrie and The Arrows

The Pekka is strong enugh win you the match all by himself provided it reaches the opposite tower with considerable health left. However often, the pekka has obstacles against it and the biggest obstaclesare often the minion horde or the skeleton army. Both of these can be countered by the arrows card.

The Valkyrie will also make sure that small and effective troops like the goblins, skeletons etc are taken care off paving the way for the pekka to hand you the victory!

Offensive: Freeze + Valkyrie

As seen in the video,The valkyrie and the freeze spell make an excellent combo as well. When the opponent is rushing at you, the freeze spell will stall him, while the valkyrie can inadvertently cause damage to all of them at the same time because of its 360 degree striking ability at one single swing!

Defensive:Goblins,  Arrows, Elixer Collector, etc.

Each card in the defensive department has its own role. While the goblins can help in taking out units like the giant, prince etc, the elixer collector can help in distracting them. This distraction will help your towers and give them more time to take out the opposition troops.

The arrows card is also effective as  it can be used at times when the opponent is trying to  rush you. The defensive department in this deck comes at a low cost allowing you to bank heavily on your attacking combinations which are of plenty in this deck!

1.It is not very wise to use your elixer collector straight away.
2.Attack one lane while carefully defending the other.
3.As it is a combination strategy remember to use each card to supplement the other.
3.Use your final sixty seconds wisely, don’t let your opponent rush you and make sure your inferno tower is ready for the attack.
4.Use the Elixer Collector to distract and defend against troops like the prince or giant when needed.
5.Watching videos and understanding the role and the weaknesses of every card in your deck will greatly help you.
6.Look to win Elixer Trade offs and don’t focus too much on just attcking.
7.Last of all, like I always say, Have fun,share and comment away!

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