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Hog Lightning deck for Arena 8-9

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Hello all,

This is my first post here, I plan to write more guides in the near future.
Actually this is my 2nd guide here. My first Hog Cycle deck can be found
(under the name 'Swoopy'; but my real nickname is 'Foppe' or 'LouFoppe'...basicly, you can't go wrong with giving me a nickname, lol)
you will see for a part the same information but with a little twist to it.

So, I like the Hog Rider... a lot!
I have the most succes myself with this card in a rather quick cycle deck, ranging from 2.9 to 3.3 Average Elixir.

With the September update I took the Lightning Spell in my deck. A card I haven't used in a long time.
The Lightning got a slight buff in the 19/9 update, giving it a 0.5 sec stun effect, same as the Zap card.

My Deck

My card levels for this deck are 10/8/4/1, I pushed from 3200 to 3500 with it in 2 days time.
I used to be F2P but I bought the value pack with the new release.

Card Breakdown
Hog Rider: Your main offensive unit and primary win condition
Mini Pekka: Tank-killer, support card-killer, one of the best cards in current meta
Musketeer: Try to transition this card from defense -> offense. If you like slower pushes, start her in the back.
Fire Spirits: Goodbye to minion horde, minions, splash barbs or for pushing with hog/mini pekka
Ice Spirit: I like this card to perform a a pig push, for 1 elixir it offers insane value, comes in handy on defense aswell
Princess: Long-range (air) support, chip damage on tower. Also a card you can start a battle with, placing her in the back.
Zap: the best spell, soooo versatile
Lightning: The trick in this deck, more on it later

Hog Rider: None, this is a Hog Rider deck.
Mini Pekka: You really need a high DPS unit to kill tanks but as cheap as possible. You could try LumberJack if you have it.
Musketeer: None, you will need this card vs Air decks. With the new Mega Minion comming out, I really advice keeping her in.
Fire Spirits: Goblins or Spear Goblins
Ice Spirit: Skeletons
Princess: Minions or Archers
Zap: Who doesn't like Zap? You can try Arrows if you really want.
Lightning: None

Battle Strategy


You notice the deck lacks a building. In this deck I count on the defense capabilities of mainly my mini pekka & musketeer and transition them to offense whenever possible.
The mini pekka is ideal at killing the big tanks (Giant/Royal Giant/Golem), hog riders and other bulky unitis.
The musketeer will help you to support your mini pekka in case the opponent pushes with rather big units(giant, royal giant, hog rider, mini pekka, valk, musketeer, wizard, ice wizard, bowler, Miner, ...)
Off course the Musketeer is also your main defense vs Lava Hound Decks and other Air Type decks.
When your opponent supports the tank with smaller units or multiple units like minions, minion horde, goblins, barbarians... I like to go Mini Pekka on the tank + Fire Spirits on small units, if needed I will buy myself some time using the ice Spirit aswell.
You can add in your princess for additional splash support when needed, this is mostly the case when your opponent runs barbs or has a hog rider deck with typical small units like goblins/spirits/skeletons/minions...

When your opponents push get's REALLY big, for example the Meta Giant pushes we see nowdays (Giant, Mini Pekka or Lumberjack, Musketeer, Guards, ...) don't hesitate to use your lightning spell.
This will result in a positive elixir trade.
Extra: This deck will also serve well if you have difficulties beating Sparky Decks.
You can reset Sparky with Zap, Ice spirit and Lighting Spell !
Say your opponents makes a Giant, Sparky, (Ice) wizard or sortlike push -> that lightning spell will come in very handy.

Personally I only use the Ligthning on defense when absolutely needed because I like to use this spell more as a *trick*.
Gaining a big advantage the first time I use it by suprise.
Offcourse each game and situation is different, so you can't allways save it as a trick pony.
So you shouldn't hold back on it when you see the right opportunity to use it early game.

Off course in a Hog Rider deck, this card will be your main offense.
This deck offers 2 good cards to perform small pushes: the Ice Spirit or the Fire Spirit.

note: If you aren't comfortable with performing pig pushes you will ike the Ice Spirit + Hog Rider push.
It's really very easy to perform: Drop the Ice spirit first, next drop your Hog Rider on the SAME tile.
They now will perform a pig push.

For a decent amount of your pushes you will have left-over troops from your defence, most likely a Musketeer and/or a Princess.
The Musketeer is a very good card to transition from defense -> offense so be sure to use this opportunity when given to you.

In my previous guide I have stressed on looking at the main counters your opponent uses. I will do this again because this is very important to know.
Barbarians and Minion horde you will encounter a lot so I will adress those 2 counter specificly.
You will get some nice opportunities with this deck to attack those counters.
For example: Vs Minion Horde -> Pair your hog rider with Fire Spirits for some nice result. Princess at the bridge to chip even more and counter small troops used as defense.
In case your opponent zaps your spirits you can use princess + Zap/Ice Spirit to kill the Minion Horde.
Vs Barbarians you can do 2 things:
- You can use the same strategy like vs minion horde, but if your opponent zaps your fire spirits you will have to deal with the barbarians on defense (princess in the back or musketeer between towers will do)
- you can use the Ice Spirit + Hog Rider push and hold on to your Fire Spirits for defense. This way you will rather do chip damage (getting 1-2 hit in most off the time).

If you like to mix things up you can also do a Mini Pekka/Fire Spirits push but be on the look-out for a counter push since you will be using your main defense.

Now on to the lightning spell.
As stated I like to use this one as a *trick*. Using it for the first time ideally on offense when I have the opportunity to take down a tower.
Anyhow: Look out for a good opportunity to use this spell.
The ideal situation is where the opponent uses a building (cannon) and some medium health troops on defense (musketeer, ice wizard, wizard, ...)
When your opponent uses a Mini Pekka to counter your hog this ain't bad either because you will also stun the mini pekka, buying a extra hit for your hog rider.

When you make that crucial push it's best to perform when you got left-over troops from your succesfull defense.
Again, most likely Muskteer and/or Princess, maybe Mini Pekka with a sliver of health left.
If you pair this push with Hog rider + Lightning Spell it will be very difficult for the opponent to stop this.

In double elixir time by the time your hog reaches the tower and the Lightning has struck you will also have elixir left to send in some more support troops (fire spirits, princess) or use a zap to get an extra hit or 2.
This push generally wins the game !

If you are already 1-0 in front near the end, the lightning can serve as a powerfull weapon putting a halt to that final push from your enemy.

Gameplay video

If you got any more questions or remarks let them hear !
For help vs specific decks, feel free to ask !
Good luck to all and give this deck a try if you want.


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