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Lightning Deck for Arena 5-8

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Lightning Deck


With the announcement of the September Update, users are scrambling to implement the newly buffed cards into their decks. Rage, Mirror, The Log and Lightning are probably the most notable cards changed by the update. Rage will soon be seen in many decks because of its new, lowered elixir cost of 2. Mirror now plays cards one level above its own, which means Level 14 Commons, Level 12 Rares, Level 9 Epics, and Level 6 Legendaries are now a reality. The Log can now push back ALL ground units, creating a whole new strategy pairing with Inferno Tower. And finally, Lighting will pick up the ability to stun enemies and reset their attack timers, similar to Zap.

While most of these updates are significant, the one that clearly stands out is Lightning. For a while, Lightning has been stuck in the ruins of card stagnation, right next to some of the other cards being buffed in this update. What made Lightning worse was its high elixir cost, which completely destroyed any possibility of its use. However, soon, Lightning will become much more than a bad alternative to Rocket. It becomes a hybrid instead, a hybrid of Zap AND Rocket.

Even before the update, Lightning had tons of uses. It could completely shut down spawner decks, and usually give people with classic Giant Beatdown decks a hard time by destroying all their support with Lightning. However, its uses on offense were quite limited, which was the main problem. Rocket didn't have much to offer on offense either, but its damage had Lightning beat by over 250.

The stun has given new life to Lightnings’ uses on offense and defense. Now it is possible to reset Inferno Towers, Sparky, and others, as well as take a considerable chunk of their health.
It's crucial to pair Lightning with the right deck, so I've put together something I hope you'll find as good as I think it is.

The Deck


*Cards within  () can serve as replacements*
Goblin Barrel (Miner)
Lightning (Nothing)
Fire Spirits (Wizard)
Ice Spirit (Skeletons, Goblins, Guards)
Valkyrie (Bomber, Wizard)
Ice Wizard (Bomber, Guards)
Arrows (Fireball, Zap)
Inferno Tower (Tesla)

General Roles

Goblin Barrel- Chip Damage, Main Offensive Unit
Lightning- Building Wrecker/Resetter, Preemptive Support Destroyer, Overtime Clutch
Fire Spirits- Cheap AOE
Ice Spirit- Distraction, Cycle Tool
Valkyrie- AOE Tank, Ground Support
Ice Wizard- Isolated Support, Push Clog
Arrows- Medium Damage AOE Spell
Inferno Tower- Tank Shredder

General Strategy

At a mere 3.4 Average Elixir Cost, this deck is cheaper than most of the decks you'll see in Arena 7 and up. It's quite simple to use and will revolve around two cards offensively- Goblin Barrel and Lightning. Defensively it's the same story, with your ability to stop pushes also revolving around another two cards- Valkyrie and Inferno Tower.

On Defense

Major Defensive Cards

Inferno Tower
Ice Spirit  
Ice Wizard

Defensive Strategy

Any push that follows the basic Tank+Support outline can be shut down fairly easily with this deck. First off, consider what's there. Is there support being spawned in the back? Was the Tank spawned first? Keep whatever is there in the back of your mind, but never deal with it head on right at the beginning.

For lone Tanks, begin defenses by placing an Inferno Tower. If your opponent’s Tank is already on the field, they'll do 1 of 2 things. One, it will prompt your opponent to bait or quickly get rid of the Inferno Tower. Or two, they'll simply let their Tank die without trying to make the push work. While 2 is much smarter, as it allows the opponent to build more elixir for a different push, you'll find most people opt for 1. The most common Inferno Tower bait can usually be arrowed, however sometimes bigger enemies will have to be dealt with using Valkyrie or Ice Wizard. Preemptively destroying Bait and support allows for an easy Tank kill along with more elixir for support, so keep this strategy in mind when dealing with lone tanks spawned in the back. Royal Giants must be approached uniquely, as they out range the Inferno Tower. Wait until he's on the bridge, then spawn Inferno Tower and Valkyrie close to him. Valkyrie can usually absorb and take out the support while the Inferno Tower finishes off the Royal Giant.

For other pre-push scenarios, such as support being spawned first instead of the Tank, you should follow the Lone Tank protocol, with a few modifications. The first step, same as above, is spawning the Inferno Tower. This does 2 things for you. First, it creates the urgency to Bait the Inferno Tower, as mentioned in the first paragraph. Second, it'll get your elixir going up again for the next step, instead of just peaking at 10. This is very important. The next step after Inferno Tower is placing Lightning around all their spawned support, which should more than likely destroy all of it. It may seem odd to think there's that specific of an order to do things, but it’s crucial to do it this way. If you decide to let your elixir peak at 10 while you wait for all of their support to be spawned, you'll more than likely get your Crown Tower destroyed. Lightning is 6 elixir, so after it’s placed you'll be left with 4 elixir for the Inferno Tower and Arrows/Valkyrie. By using Inferno First, you let more elixir build up for the Lightning that kills their support and the Arrows that kill the bait.

Hog Rider decks are also easily countered with a single Inferno Tower, which usually can get rid of the Hog Rider itself and whatever support it brings. If the opponent runs a Tank and Hog Rider deck, try to counter him with other things like Valkyrie, Ice Wizard and Ice Spirit so the Inferno Tower can be saved for the Tank.

While the above scenarios are ideal, you'll more than likely at some point be caught in situations where not all of the cards are available. Most of the cards in this deck can be used for defense so make do with what you have and you'll usually escape with only a few scratches.

On Offense

Major Offensive Cards

Goblin Barrel

Offensive Strategy

This deck will not be centered around a single, large push that defines the entire win condition of the deck. Instead, a few combinations of mini pushes should chip away damage from your opponent’s towers.

Direct offensive action when using this deck should be done extremely sparingly. This deck does not possess very offensive centered cards, so any push you attempt to build will most likely be taken down fairly quickly. The only direct offense I can recommend is the Valkyrie+Goblin Barrel push. It can usually get off a few hits before being shut down, however it leaves you without a key defensive card, so be careful.

Most of your offense will be centered around using the leftovers from your counter to tank for the Goblin Barrel as well as do some damage to any defenses. Leftovers will most likely include Valkyrie and Ice Wizard. Backing them up with Fire Spirits or Ice Spirit is the best way to support them, as they'll either be forced to:

1. Waste a spell like Zap or Arrows on getting rid of them, leaving your Goblin Barrel untouched.

Or 2. Zap or Arrow the Barrel, leaving support and leftovers to do damage.

Using these simple and cheap strategies can chip away lots of damage overtime, leading to victories.

Lightning is your deadliest weapon on offense. Backing up the leftovers of your counter with Fire Spirits or Ice Spirit and sending over the Goblin Barrel cost a mere 4-5 elixir, leaving you plenty for Lightning. Have it hovering over the tower during every push, ready to crack down on the support and the tower. Not only will this put a huge dent in their next counter push, it chunks about 300 damage (Depending on card level) from their crown tower. It's also very effective at punishing spawner decks, which are usually a huge problem to most people.


Your main Achilles heel when using this deck are heavy defensive decks that use multiple buildings and spells.


Here's a Link to a short demonstration of gameplay:


This deck can easily hold its own in Arena 8, and with enough leveling and skill, the Legendary Arena as well. It's very fun to play with, and usually works even with card substitutes. Have fun, and Happy Clashing!


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