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Mortar Based Attack Strategy For Clash Royale! (Ash’s Deck)

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Mortar Based Attack Strategy For Clash Royale!
(Ash’s Deck)

This Attack strategy will feature the motor card and it is safe to say that the Motor is a very common card that is being used by a lot of players at the top of the rankings nowadays. This is a deck that has been created by ash who is one of the best clash royale players out there!

This battle strategy can be used in Arena 6 or 7.

Battle Deck:

Lightning/Rocket+ The Mortar + Fireball + Minions + Knight + Elixer Collector+  Skeletons + Tesla Tower

Use and role of each card:


The Lightning is one card that can quickly turn the match in your favor by winning elixer trade offs. How so? The lighting can damage buildings near the tower and can either take them all out or can cause enough damage to render them ineffective.

As a result of this, while your opponent spends a lot of elixer on things like the tesla, inferno, the goblin or barbarian hut, you’ve taken them out and caused some damage to the tower at the cost of just six elixers. The video will help you understand more as to how one can use the lightning card. Understanding on how to use the card before actually using it is key.

2.The Mortar:

The Mortar is the prime focus of this deck. As the deck is focused on an attack strategy, you should look to place it at range where the opponent tower can be attacked while the mortar stays in your court.

This will allow your mortar more time to cause damage to the towers and your troops to defend the mortar. Your opponent's troops will take more time to take your mortar out while your other troops can look to capitalize.


When you have card that has an elixer count of just 1 and is capable of taking out high elixer troops like prince, hog rider etc, why wouldn’t you have him in your deck?

Use the skeletons specifically for this purpose(defense). Take out all the high elixer troops with your skeletons. The skeletons can also beused as distractions while the tesla can be used to cause some real damage.


A deck is only a good deck when it can counter almost every card in the playbook.While the skeletons can take out all the prime cards like the prince, giant etc. the knight will effectively take out the wizard. The wizard is a huge hreat to the deck because of his ability to cause splash damage.

Place your knight right in front of the wizard and the knight will do the rest. Remember that the knight is strong in one on one battles but not strong against a horde or an army.


The minions are a very cheap and efficient source of attack and defense.Ash has chosen the three minion group instead of the horde for the reason that they are cheaper and because you only really need 3 for the deck.

The minions can be used against any ground troop and will take the ground troops out in no time. Beware of the arrows and the fireball card,using the minions when your opponent has just finished using those cards is a smarter move.

6.Elixer Collector:

My previous two articles also featured the elixer collectors. The reason for this is simple, every good player will realize the importance of winning elixer trade offs. The elixer collector promises just that.Any elixer collector above level 5 will not get destroyed too easily or quickly. The person with the elixer advantage almost always wins!

You can use the elixer collector for this purpose and get the added advantage in the middle ofthe battle. The collector is a great tool to create some pressure onyour opponent and can also be used as a distraction for defensive purposes.


The Fireball can be used for both offense and defense. Sometimes when barbarians are sent in right from the back by your opponent, you should use the fireball card immediately on your opponent’s tower because this will damage the tower and take out the barbarians.

As you saw in the video, the fireball took out the musketeers. It can similarly take out flying units like horde etc or even the barbarians or the skeleton army. The fireball is quick and will help your tower to finish the troops off easily.


TheTesla tower will look to defend whatever you need effectively. But it is important to know that your tesla is weak against group attacks because it can focus only on one roop at a time.

Another advantage of the hidden tesla is that the freeze spell will not work on the hidden tesla when it is hidden. You can refer to Hog+ Freeze Strategy to read up on that strategy a little more. Therefore, the tesla will be extremely useful against strategies such as those.

Battle Strategy:

Offensive:Mortar + Knight

This combination will see to it that your mortar is constantly on the attack while your knight defends it.

You can also keep using defensive measures in the form of the tesla or the fireball when needed to keep the attack going.

Defensive:Skeletons,Tesla, Fireball, Minions etc

When it comes to defending the tesla, fireball or even the minions and skeletons are vital! The skeletons will take care of defending against the high level elixer troops, the fireball against a group or herd of troops, minions against ground and the tesla against flying troops. Some of them of multiple purposes and can be used for defending against ground and aerial troops.

1.It is not very wise to use your elixer collector straight away.
2.Attack one lane while carefully defending the other.
3.As it is a combination strategy remember to use each card to supplement the other.
3.Use your final sixty seconds wisely, don’t let your opponent rush you and make sure your inferno tower is ready for the attack.
4.Send in skeletons to defend against troops like the prince or giant.
5.Watching videos and understanding the role and the weaknesses of every card in your deck will greatly help you.
6.Look to win Elixer Trade offs and don’t focus too much on just attcking.
7.Last of all, like I always say, Have fun,share and comment away!

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