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Arena 3-5 Deck

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Here is a Clash Royale Deck that pushed me up from Arena 3 to Arena 5. It is somewhat an expensive deck, average elixir cost of 4.0, but is a great counter for most decks and is very useful also in the aspect of attack.

My Deck

Card Breakdown
Barbarians: Barbarians are extremely useful to take down Hog Riders, Princes, Mini PEKKAs, PEKKAs, Giants and Musketeers. They can be also used to distract troops such as Knight, Spear Goblins, and Goblins. If used within a push, barbarians can get massive amounts of damage down very quickly.

Giant: The Giant is the main tank for this deck. When getting a Giant at the start, wait until around 9 elixir and drop him at the back. Dropping a witch behind the Giant will create solid defence so that the opponent can not drop a Skeleton Army or other weaker troops to counter the Giant. If they place Valkyrie or Barbarians behind the Witch to destroy is, the Giant can normally get a lot of damage on the tower.

Minions: Minions can be used as a quick counter for lower HP ground troops as well as putting on the DPS to counter tanks such as Giant. They can also be used in attack, and left unnoticed with a tank, can get massive damage on the enemy tower. They are also good for countering Baby Dragon (hard to get right) and Balloon.

Witch: The Witch is one of main attacking troops of the deck, but can be used for defence against Giant Skeletons and lower HP pushes. The Witch can get down pretty amazing splash damage to enemy troops so is effective paired up with the Giant.

Arrows: The arrows are mostly used for countering Minion Hordes, but will also take down Goblin Barrels (timed correctly), and other Goblin/Skeleton Army pushes.

Fireball: The Fireball is really good for taking down or damaging enemy defences such as Musketeer, Bomber, and Witch. It will normally not destroy their troops but if high level enough it will, and at least will ensure that the enemy troops will die easily.

Valkyrie: The Valkyrie can also be used as a tank, but is useful for bringing down Witches, Skeleton Armies, Goblins, and bundled troops. When in the last minute or overtime when Elixir production is doubled, it is extremely effective to push with Giant/Witch/Valkyrie combo, which will quickly take down a tower.

Cannon: The cannon is the only building in this deck, and is useful for whittling down a big push. It is effective because Giants, Balloons, and Hog Riders will be attracted to it and this will allow the enemy troops to die faster.

-Arrows could be swapped for a Zap spell, but Zap will not be as effective as of the next update (Zap has just been nerfed so the stun time decreases from 1 to 0.5 seconds).
-Cannon could be swapped with a Rage spell, if you find this more useful. It could also swapped with Bomber.
-Barbarians could be swapped with Skeleton Army but it tends to be more noticed and is more easily countered.

Game Plan

When the game starts, you will often find Giant and Witch in your starting hand. Wait for about 9 or 10 elixir and drop the Giant at the back. Follow up with the Witch, and this will create a strong push! Keep in mind you will need to keep some elixir for defence but sometimes it is worth a gamble to try out-push the opponent. Push with Giant and Witch, with Valkyrie as well if you can. The main weakness for these decks are ones with Bomb Tower/Inferno Tower. Inferno tower quickly destroys Giant, and support troops are vulnerable without a tank.

Fireball and Arrows makes it easier to take out defending troops. Valkyrie is a great defensive troop, can be used to take down a Witch/Musketeer push. Keep using this deck to push up successfully: I am a Level 6 in Arena 5 with this deck!

Thanks, ProWinner

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