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Golem Based Attack Strategy For Clash Royale! (Pro Deck)

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Golem Based Attack Strategy For Clash Royale!
(Pro Deck)

The Golem is one of the strongest cards out there, however using this card in a deck among other cards that can complete the golem is a little tricky. This article is also based on one of Ash’s Golem decks, so you can be rest assured that this deck has a high success rate and is capable of giving you those victories.

This battle strategy can be used in Arena 6 or 7.

Battle Deck:

Spear Goblins + Golem + Archers + Fireball + Wizard + Elixer Collector + Minion Horde + Goblins

Use and role of each card:

1.Spear Goblins:

The role of the spear gobins are similar to what I had stated in my previous article which is to help you in countering those flying troops. Although the spear goblins are low on hit points,they can still look to cause some damage to the flying units. You can also look to distract these units by placing them considerably away from your tower. However,it is important to realise that in this deck you can also use the help of the archers to take out those flying units. The spear goblins along with the archers can take them out at a quicker pace.


The Golem in this deck is your key card and therefore you must relaise what the golem is capable of. First off the golem is not the perfect card, it has weaknesses and threats too. Some of these weaknesses or threats include the fact that the golem has an elixercount of 8. For this reason, your complementing cards will have to have a low elixer count and average less than 4.5 in total.

Apart from this, the Golem is also weak against troops like the barbarians,minion horde, the inferno tower, the mini pekka and the pekka. In order to counter this weakness, you can see that ash has strategically made a deck where in each card counters one card or the other which can be seen as an eminent threat to the golem. Every card in this deck is capable of allowing the golem in your deck to get to the other side and cause sufficient damage, so complement the golem well and victory is yours.


The archers are one of those cards which are extremely vital and helpful to your deck as they are both cheap and effiecient. As I stated before when you send out with the spear goblins along with the archers, you can take out those flying troops quickly. Apart from the are also helpful in in taking range shots at the troops which may seem to take out the towers.


The Fireball is that one card which will give you the luxury of taking out the opponents troops in quick time. It is in this deck for a defensive purpose.

You may take out the barabarians or even the minion horde in an instant with the fireball. Place your fireball carrectly and the defending will fall right into place.


The wizard is in this deck to complement the golem. You may send him right behind the golem in order to defend the golem from threats like the horde or barbarians or you may simply put him out there when your tower is under threat by those troops.

The Wizard gives you the extra option of taking golem threats with other option being the fireball.

6.Elixer Collector:

This game focuses a lot upon elixer advantage and the person with the elixer advantage almost always wins!

You can use the elixer collector for this purpose and get the added advantage in the middle of the battle. The collector is a great tool to create some pressure on your opponent and can also be used as a distraction for defensive purposes.

7.Minion Horde:

The minion horde is one of those troops which can quickly turn the match in your favour. You may use the horde against heavy troops like the prince, barbarians, pekka or even the golem itself.

The horde is however vulnerable against the arrows so you will want to use the horde once your opponent has finished using the arrows at his disposal.


The goblins are extremely effective in taking out those heavy troops capable of destroying your towers.  Whats more is that the goblins also complement the golem by taking out the inferno tower easily. The goblins are also often used against the goblins itself. When minion horde is often countered with arrows, you can immediately send the goblins as backup.

The goblins on the whole are cheap, effective and fit right into the deck!

Battle Strategy:

Offensive: Golem + Wizard

The golem may be sent out with almost any troop complementing it in the deck. However, when the golem is accompanied with the wizard most of the counter cards that your opponent may use is taken out of the picture. The golem will soak up the damage while the wizard does the damage.

Defensive: goblins, spear goblins, archers.

When it comes to defending these small elixer troops are extremely effective. Use them wisely and at the right time. They are effective against a number of troops like the prince,pekka,golem etc,

1.It is not very wise to use your elixer collector straight away.You use in between the battle to help your golem.
2.Attack one lane while carefully defending the other.
3.As it is a combination strategy remember to use each card to supplement the other.
3.Use your final sixty seconds wisely,don’t let your opponent rush you and make sure your inferno tower is ready for the attack.
4.Send in your spear goblins considerably away from the target.
5.Watching videos and understanding the role and the weaknesses of every card in your deck will greatly help you.
6.Last of all, like I always say, Have fun,share and comment away!

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