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Pekka Based Attack Strategy For Clash Royale! (Pro Deck)

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Pekka Based Attack Strategy For Clash Royale!

This particular strategy is that which has given people a lot of success and is based on one of the decks used by Ash. Ash is one of the top clash royale players out there, so its safe to say that this deck will help you get to that next arena in quick time.

This battle strategy will look to focus on the Pekka and can be used in Arena 5, 6 or 7.

Battle Deck:

Spear Goblins + Pekka + Lightning + Baby Dragon + Wizard + Bomber + InfernoTower + Arrows

Use and role of each card:

1.Spear Goblins:

The spear goblins will help you in countering those flying troops. Although the spear goblins are low on hit points,they can still look to cause some damage to the flying units or even distracting these units by placing them considerably away from your tower.


The Pekka is that one card that you can look to as your trumpcard. However it is important to realise that your trump and can be countered by a number of cards that include the skeleton army, The barbarians, the minion horde or even the goblins. For this reason we can see that ash has in his deck a number of cards that can complement your pekka.

Cards like the baby dragon and the bomber deal in splash damage and can help you in taking those counter cards out. The pekka is extremely strong in his blows so its should be your objective to make sure your trump card reaches the end by carefully using the cards as your advantage and readily at your disposal.


The lightning spell as seen in the video can be used to finish off your opponent!However it is extremely helpful in taking out troops or buildings nearby that have high hit points. The lightning spell, however, comes at an elixer cost of 6 so its not wise to use this card without a combo strategy in mind.

But keep in mind that at some point in the battle you will need a card that can go ahead and directly cause good damage to your opponent’s tower without any difficulty. That card is your Lightning, It maygive you the early advantage or can even finish the game off for you.


The Baby dragon deals in splash damage. Therefore,its good to have a backup for your pekka because the baby dragon can take care of troops like the skeleton army and the horde.

One important thing to remember when you send the baby dragon is to keep it considerably away from your dragons. The babydragon is vulnerable against close ranged attacks from the horde.


I would strongly advise sending the wizard behind another troop because it is very common to see the wizard die very quickly because of its low hit points. However the wizard makes up for this in attack.

The wizard can be used to take out the horde as well. The wizard will soon be seen as an eminent threat if used wisely. The wizard also complements the pekka very nicely so go ahead and send the wizard right right behind your pekka.


The bomber is primarily here in this deck to take out the skeleton army with relative easy. The bomber is also effective against the barbarians.

In fact, any troop that may come out as a group can be prepared against the wrath of the bomber. It is also a key feature to note that the bomber is not quite that expensive either.


The Inferno Tower is your key to distraction and in buying time. The inferno tower will also look to it that that heavy troops like the golem, prince, giant etc are taken out before they can even touch your tower.

Make sure to place your tower immediately after troops like the prince, Golem, hog rider is set out towards your tower. The inferno tower is also your key towards playing out draws because it will not die very soon either so use the tower based on your needs.


The arrows will ensure that you have an elixer advantage over your opponent provided that you use it wisely. I would suggest that you use it immediately when you see a group or a herd. The minions and the horde are extremely vulnerable against these arrows so be sure to use the card wisely.

The arrows may also be used against a small herd of troops like the goblins or the skeleton army.

1.Let your elixer count go up to ten when the game starts. This will give you the advantage.
2.Attack one lane while carefully defending the other.
3.As it is a combination strategy remember to use each card to supplement the other.
3.Use your final sixty seconds wisely,don’t let your opponent rush you and make sure your inferno tower is ready for the attack.
4.Send in your spear goblins considerably away from the target.
5.Watching videos and understanding the role and the weaknesses of every card in your deck will greatly help you.
6.Last of all, like I always say, Have fun,share and comment away!

Check the gameplay video below

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