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Hog + Freeze Strategy For Clash Royale!

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Hog + Freeze Strategy For Clash Royale!

The famous Hog + freeze strategy has given a lot of success to a lot of people. This strategy is extremely effective in its nature and is apt for Arena 4 which will help you push through the next arena.

Battle Deck:

Barbarians + Valkyrie + Arrows + Minions + Bomb Tower + Hog Rider +  FreezeSpell +  Spear goblins

Use and role of each card:
1. Spear Goblins:
The Spear Goblins are in this deck to Take out air troops (Minions, Baby dragon etc.)  You spear goblins are very effective in taking out air troops and acting as a defensive agent while the other cards can attack. As I have mentioned in my previous article the spear goblins can attack as well as defend.

They are effective initially to cause a bit of damage to the towers when the towers are open.

2. Valkyrie:
The Valkyrie is one of those troops that I love the most because she is avery good counter card to use against most of the cards and also because there are very few counter cards that can be used against her. Use her in this deck for defensive purpose more often that not! The witch is extremely vulnerable against a Valkyrie. As is the skeleton army and musketeer to name a few.

The minion are the kind of troops that you can use both for defensive as well as offensive purposes. Yes, the hog rider and the freeze spell comprises the main utility of this deck however it is important to have back up.

You may use the minions against any ground unit which is looking to attack your tower. I often use it against effective troops like the valkyrie who barely who has a weakness to any card. You may also uset he minions for attacking purposes because they deal really good damage in really good.

The minions are vulnerable against arrows so be smart in analysing your opponent's moves and ensure that you know all the cards that are in his possession because they may have the ability to counter your moves. Do not use the minions right away, stall for a whileand use the minions when the arrows have just been used by your opponent because he will have to wait a while before he can use the arrows again.

The Barbarians have two roles in this deck - Defensive as well as offensive. You may use it defensively when troops like the Prince,Giant or the Skeleton Giant are en route to attack you. The barbarians are ruthless and quick when it comes to attacking as a group.

However, their disadvantage lies in the group itself as they are vulnerable against splash damage like the fireball. So be sure to use at the right time intervals. You may also use it offensively when you feel that your opponent has no counter card to this card and when a tower is open as they can also claim towers for you  in a quick span of time.

5.Bomb Tower:
The Bomb tower is another card in this deck that I have added solely for the purpose of defense. So make sure that when you see troops like the Giant, skeleton army, hog riders or even the barbarians the bomb tower is placed to ensure your safety.
Also, make sure the bomb tower is placed considerably away from the towers.The bomb towers are to be used as a sense of distraction to your opponent.

The arrows are in this deck to ensure that you get a good elixer advantage over your opponent. At an elixer cost of just 3 it can destroy the opponent’s minion horde or the skeleton army leaving you with an elixer advantage.

Remember that the arrows are solely in this deck for a defensive purpose andare rendered ineffective when used to attack. It is one of the best counter cards available in this game so use it wisely.

7.Hog rider
The hog rider is weak against a group of troops. That’s why it is important to to put your hog rider out there along with the freeze spell when required. Remember that the hog rider doesn’t easily get distracted by troops and that it is your potential game changer in this deck. He is vital to claim the towers for you and in leaving your opponents helpless.

8.Freeze Spell:
The hog rider is one of those cards that can cause damage quickly and effectively. But, take a moment to fathom the possibility of this damage lasting for a considerable amount of time with no harm on your hog rider.
This is when the freeze spell comes into play as the possibility is made into a reality. Make sure your freeze spell is at a good enough level before you start using it. The freeze spell will let you stall gameplay, create pressure and act as the one aiding agent to the hog rider who will change the tide of the match to your favour.
The freeze spell will also supplement your other cards effectively. Use the freeze spell when your opponent looks to counter the hog rider. Try it and you’ll know it.

1.Let your elixer count go up to ten when the game starts. This will give you the advantage.
2.Attack one lane while carefully defending the other.
3.As it is a combination strategy remember to use each card to supplement the other.
3.Use your final sixty seconds wisely, don’t let your opponent rush you and make sure your inferno tower is ready for the attack.
4.Send in your spear goblins considerably away from the target.
5.Make sure you use your freeze spell along with the hog rider and remember to not be overly dependent on them.
6.Last of all, like I always say, Have fun, share and comment away!

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I Cant believe this! This shit is freakin work! i Win 3 times in a row, 1 draw, and 1 loose ( cause my arrow cant kill his princess in 1 shot). i Love this! Hog Freeze is OP!
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Claftscream 12-11-2016 20:47
I Cant believe this! This shit is freakin work! i Win 3 times in a row, 1 draw, and 1 loose ( cause  ...

Glad it's working for you!
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