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Countering current meta's commonly used decks

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Below are some of the commonly seen decks used by players and a brief guide on how to counter these decks.

1. Hog Rider cycle decks


How to counter: Basically, Hog Ridercycle deck loses steam easily if you are able to defend its early onslaught.Opponent will most likely exhaust all elixir and go for a full push. Miner is getting very common in this deck as it is able to soak up all the damage and allow Hog Rider to maximize its damage output. I will strongly discourage the use of low HP troops to take down the miner because there's a high chance your opponent has a zap and will clear all the troops + stun your archer tower. Thus, it is better to drop a tanky troop for the miner and towers in the middle to lure the hog rider away before you clear the miner. Arrows works very well against this deck since it can clear almost all low cost troops.

2. Trifecta decks


How to counter: Trifecta decks works around the 3 main troops, Hog Rider, Musketeer and Valkyrie. Trifecta decks are good in offensive and defensive plays which explain its popularity. Always be prepared for the Musketeer-Hog Rider pushing Valkyrie combo followed by the poison. My advice when facing these decks would be to disable your opponent elixir collector and to disable the musketeer from participating in the push to break the chain of combos. Lightning is a great counter to this deck but not many people are running it.

3. Royal Giant decks


How to counter: It is important to know your opponent other supporting troops so that you can counter them accordingly when taking down Royal Giants. You wouldn’t want a mini pekka that is hitting the Royal Giant being taken down by minion hordes, or barbarians being taken down by wizards. Some other supporting troops that your opponent might run are Hog Rider + Royal Giant or Sparky +Royal Giant. In Hog Rider + Royal Giant scenario, you would want to keep your towers to lure the Hog Rider instead of distracting the Royal Giant to hit it mainly because towers do not have much HP anymore but their damage output is still very strong. Canons or Tesla dies to Royal Giant in a few hits. Likewise, if canons and tesla were dropped to lure the Hog Rider and you managed to clear the Hog Rider accompanied with other troops, the tower stays and can in turn hit the Royal Giant after that. In a Sparky + Royal Giant scenario, it is advisable to drop minions/minion hordes if your opponent do not have AoE troops behind or doesn’t run arrows. You can also wait for Sparky to cross the bridge and casts zap to reset its charge followed by troops to take down Sparky then onto the Royal Giant. Only by doing effective trades can you win Royal Giant decks, else you will be overrun by the deck easily.

4. Balloon + Giant/Lava Hound decks


How to counter: The idea to counter Balloon + Giant/Lava Hound is almost similar. Take down the Giant/Lava Hound if you have high damage troops then to the balloon or if you are lacking of high damage troop, consider splitting them away with structures and take down the balloon ASAP. When playing against Lava Hound decks, it is possible to give a strong push to the other lane so that your opponent will not have enough elixir to drop more troops with Lava Hound and forced to defend. However, if your opponent insists on pushing, go for the king tower straight. Do note that your opponent might run freeze/poison, thus do spread out your troops.

5. 3P (Double Prince + Pekka) decks


How to counter: Countering this deck requires precise timing in dropping your troops as there is a need to pull them away as far from your archer towers as possible to kite them since all 3P have fairly high HP which makes it hard to bring them down in a short period of time. Minions/Minion hordes are great against them but watch out for arrows/princess. Otherwise, drop low HP troops to distract prince and pekka and a tanky troop to distract the dark prince to prevent the dark prince from splashing your other low HP troops. Freeze spells works very well against this deck.

6. Sparky decks


How to counter: Sparky is exceptionally weak to distraction troops and zap spell. Normally, it is accompanied with either giant or royal giant in the front. Wait for sparky to cross the bridge and either zap or drop distraction troops before dropping your main troops to take down sparky and the giants. Do take note of other supporting troops dropped by your opponents and make the necessary counters so that your opponents will not be able to protect their sparky.

Do practice more to master countering each and every deck out there. There might be other types of decks out there that I have not mentioned them. It may be due to those decks not being that popular in the current meta. That is all for now. Happy Clashing!!

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