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Blade&Soul Tips: Best Soul Shield 1-45 lvl Guide

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Blade and Soul Soul Shield is one of the most important factor in Blade and Soul to improve your strength in PvP/PvE. It effectively replaces armor in most other games by giving you an HP boost as well as other bonuses in accuracy,evasion,critical and so on. Your Soul Shield is made up of eight individual pieces, each angled in a specific direction around it. Throughout your adventures you’ll collect the pieces that can be used in your Soul Shield, which then increase your performance. Each piece is also a part of a set, and additional bonuses can be gained by using 3, 5, or all 8 pieces of a set—which also allows 3 and 5 piece choices of different sets to be mixed and matched.

How To Acquire Soul Shield?
Soul Shield like other Blade and Soul Itemsthat you can obtained in several ways. Well, you need fin all piece you might need.
1. Spin the Wheel of Fate by gaining orbs from a boss monster in the wild. At the beginner of Wheel of Fate, each spin provides a chance to grant multiple pieces of a random Soul Shield and each Wheel of Fate has its own set.
2. Monster Drops
3. Completing quests
4.Exchanged by Hero Cards
5.Boss Drops
6. Crafting

Blade Soul: Best Soul Shield 1-45 lvl Introduction
List of the Best Soul Shields Per Lvel Recommendations:
Stalker->Viridian Valor->Golden Deva->Scorpion (gives attack versus deva defense)->cinder valor->Lycan->Plog(maybe)->Profane->PVP or Spider
Stalker Soul Shield (lvl 6)
3 Set - Accuracy +2
5 Set - Critical +13
8 Set - Critical +17
Getting the Stalker Soul Shield from the Wheel of Fortunes are very easy to get and often have fairly good stats.
Viridian Valor Soul Shield (20 lvl)
3 Set - Critical +1
5 Set - Evasion +2
8 Set - Accuracy + 3 or Critical+1
When you hit level 20, you will be able to prepare for a trip to the desert. Go find a merchant in Jadestone village and give him Viridian valor stones. He will give you the shield in return. You can get the stones by completing daily quest. You need 8 Viridian valor stones to have an entire set of shield, each stone for one piece of the shield.
Blight Soul Shield (20 lvl)
3 Set - Defense +6
5 Set -  HP +180
8 Set - Critical +61 oraz Defense +10
Cinderlands Renowed Hero´s Soul Shield (36 lvl)
3 Set - Hit +22
5 Set - Piercing +66
8 Set - Crit +105 Life 390
Profane Shield (42lvl)
3 Set   Crit +31
5 Set   Life +930
8 Set   Hit +131 Defense +56
Moonwater Renowned Valor’s Soul Shield (45 lvl)
3 Set - Accuracy +39
5 Set - Critical Hit Defense +119
8 Set - HP +1670 oraz Defense +71
Moonwater Arena Soul Shield
3 Set- Block +50
5 Set -HP +1520
8 Set -HP +2130 oraz Defense +91

This post contains more resources

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Thanks for the sharing
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