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[Guide] Monster Hunter Online Beginner's Guide - About the Main NPCs

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As we haven't seen an English patch for Monster Hunter Online yet so I guess many players would need a guide for those basic NPCs in the game with their roles, what they are selling etc. The guide below is written by Patrick Kanata, a passionate gamer.


I want to say sorry before about the picture because i take these screenshots when christmas event going so the clothes they used will be different when the event ends

1. Main quest NPC -  莉莉

This beautiful girl is somehow like your advisor, she is the one who will mejorly gives you main quest entire game, you should realized the moment you start the game so this one not really important.

2. Goods Dealer - 威贝尔

This fatty old guy are selling potions, tools, and ammoes. so if you forget something like healing potion, antidote, hot drink for hunting on the desserts while day, or cool drink for hunting on the dessert while night. so don't forget to check your preparation before hunting with this guy.

P.S : this guy sell Traps for medium price so keep checking XD

3. Storage Keeper  - 黑心的肯

well just like his name if your bag full or you have something that not needed for next hunting just talk to this guy, if you're a beginner u will find this guy standing next to blue box and near the main quest NPC girl that i mentioned at number 1. you can upgrade storage capacity by having this item ( the server's on maintence so i can't open the game recently, sorry) and clicking this option。

4. Equipment forger NPC - 雷欧

This pampadour hair guy is an equipment seller, crafter, forger and enhancer, you can buy basic equipment for a cheap price from him ( don't expect strong weapon though ) or you can craft your item based on material you have and some Z, the equipment u can craft will increase along with your journey meeting new monsters and having their carved or obtained material. Keep in mind that many weapons holds different kind of traits and element like fire, water, thunder, ice, or dragon.

You can upgrade your crafted or bought equipment into new kind of weapon that stronger that you have either into different kind or just raising the attribute and power of the weapon with almost the same type of material.

Equipment can be enhanced too by this guy, but the material's not easy to get ( for me maybe ) since no one sell the material for enhancing, the material mainly obtained from quest.

This guy can disassemble item too but i don't know what kind of item that he will disassemble until now because i tried on so many items no one work with the option.

oh and last thing that for me this is the most impressive as far as i found in the game, this guy can AWAKEN the item, sounds cool? no? okay i will explain what i know about this. i don't know someone mentioned this before or not because i can't find MHO forum or wiki anywhere about this.

AWAKENing gives your weapon stronger element that contained in it by hitting several times until the bar fills up ( picture will follow later ) after the bar filled up the element that your weapon contain will get stronger and inflicting bonus damage. this thing was very nice to be combined with Ultimate attack combo, massive attack will be inflicted to the monster and cut their HP drastically. ( as far as i experienced and i tried ) but the price for awakening so expensive that i suggest for beginner don't awaken random item until you get the best equipment set that you really want to use for long time.

5. Enhancer - 睿思婆婆

well.. this oba-san here was a enhancer too ( from what my phone translated T-T ) but his kind of enhancing is different from pampadour guy from before, she can enhance your weapon and armor into stronger piece by increasing the attribute in it, but again beginner don't really need this since the material is hard to get.

6. Weapon Instructor - 教官

This oldman was a weapon instructor that gives you some weapon combos to unlock, well.. the requirement's not that easy though, there is some paper or coin in order for you to unlock and obtain skills for your weapon, 1 paper only for 1 skill book and 1 weapon have 3 skill to unlock from level 15, 25 and 35. and he trade coin-like thing with somekind of emblem for you to add talent into you weapon ( so hard to get T-T ) this guy will be very important if you already play on a long journey.

7. Messenger - 信差艾露秋梨欧

This Cat was a messenger, well if i take whole size picture he was hanging on a air ballon-like thing near the equipment forger he will gives u a little amount of daily money and some items.

8. Fellon's Equipment crafter - 焦胡艾普

Talking about cat i forgot to mention this little one. for advanced player that already following Monster hunter game we all know that all cat in this game usually named Felyne. this cat that standing near forger was a felyne's equipment crafter and selling some of the meterial for it, you will love to see it when u already have personal felyne to come along with your hunting on the field. make your felyne stronger u won't regret it.

9. Farm Keeper - 黎老伯

This oji-san didn't do much in game other than giving you farm quest entire time, his quest was endless and he will gives u some seed when u clear his quest so this guy not that important in game even though the farm itself really damn important like.. A LOT.

Ammo Recipe Dealer - 索纳德

If you are a long range hunter u don't want to miss this guy. this guy is a recipe seller for ammoes. when you become a ranger(hunter using long-range weapon) you will need many kind of ammoes to fight different kinds of monster. so keep in touch with this guy because the higher your level in the game the more recipe he will sell that means more advantage for rangers in the game.

P.S: the price not cheap though, u will know the pain of losing money in this game as a ranger with this one haha

Tools and potions dealer - 摩拉

This fatty mama here are recipe dealer just like the guy at number 9, but the different is this mama sell tools and potions recipe, i don't find this very helpful for early hunting since you will be given many supplies when you enter the field. but this will be a BIG HELP when you already going for a badass monster that even your city don't want to supply you with items anymore. you will need all the recipe you need to adjust your needs on battlefield. but as a new hunter i don't recommend to buy all the recipe other than healing potion recipe though, it's a bit expensive.

Jewelry Recipe dealer - 蜜蕾妮女士

This beautiful girl (again) absolutely a jewelry recipe dealer ( i played MHportable at PSP that someone sold the same kind of item and icon ) i still don't really know when to use the jewelry in this game though because i'm too confused with the translated meaning it gives. but i know this thing will useful someday lol.

There is still plenty NPC that you will find later on but have the same function like everything here just different appearance so just play along with the story and main quest and you will find out everything.

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