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Yo community!

I regged only for Monster Hunter Online. I am kind of experienced hunter and I am looking for a way into MHO. Fingers crossed for a Western release! If you need more info, PM me.

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Hi  im windail ... so says my username  hahahaha  Im a 18 y/o boy/guy  who lives in asia. . . .  I like playing smite and other moba games like dota 2 and LoL .  I'm currently in college so I have less time to play..... I'm also an otaku    

hello guys
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Hi am ZXCNoob, totally noob at Doto 2, Playing Doto is my hobby, No Doto No life
Anyways I'm from Philippines, I'm 16 yrs old, I love watching Anime (AoT, One Piece, Kuroko no Basket)
Let's be friends

Who's that handsome Devil! ~Storm
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Hey guys!

I'm Miwako and I'm 21 years old girl who likes playing games since I can remember Games that took my time the most were SDOX, COD4 and Aion! I've always been into mmorpgs but I like various of games. I play only hearthstone at the moment because I'm going to university so my time is a bit cut short - but I'm in searching for something new to play right now


unfortunately, I am in NA region :( or we can play hearthstone together sometimes :/  Post time 8-31-2015 00:09
I'm on EU ^-^ what about you?  Post time 8-27-2015 07:40
oh finally see a girl here (shake hands ;P) I also play hearthstone. You are in NA/EU?  Post time 8-26-2015 19:16
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Hi Im william , diego is just a in game name xD   Im 15 years old , I play smite only xD  since it's the only game in the house .... I dont play other games cause I'm busy studying hahaha  I just got the idea of playing a little from my bro .  anyways  Study is on my first priority hehehehe
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Edited by Randy Rushton at 8-26-2015 16:35

Greetings people of Forums 2p I am Randy Rushton aka Castoffio in my mmo's STO, DCU, GW1,GW2. it has been 32 years since i first spawned on this planet we call Earth. Currently waiting on Black Desert for western area. GAME ON EVERYONE

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Nice to meet you here Randy :P  Post time 8-26-2015 19:17
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Hello there, My name is Aizen and my gaming nickname is Aksidia, I'm from Jordan and im only 26 years old, started paying MMO's since 2007, my 1st MMO was PWI, now I only play Heroes of the storm, and waiting for BDO, I hope I find friends here to play Heroes of the storm with. thanks
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Hi I am Casey From Turkey. Living in Ankara and a studen at the moment. I played MMOs and FPS games until now. But i like MOBAs atm Thanks!!
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Haloo well its its kinda obvious my real name is stated I'm Jay Empleo from P.H the world which they brand as peenoise but not all Im 19 years old , I like games, I like cake, I like games and I love cake again the compendium 2015 giveaway brought me here and so the legend of the forum guy named Jay begins
Nice to meet you all


I thought you like cats more than cakes. :D  Post time 10-22-2015 21:13
oh didnt know you love cakes! ok now I know =)  Post time 8-31-2015 00:11
Yuuuum, cakes! *-*  Post time 8-28-2015 15:42
A true gamer has responsibilities
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hello everyone im Jester and also from the philippines, and jay brought me here to the forum. I am an engineering student and play Smite and Dota (barely) I am also a drummer for my post rock band.
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