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Introduce yourself to 2P community!

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Hello everyone! I just realize that we don't even have a "introduce yourself" thread on 2P forums so here we go!  

I'll start by introducing myself a little bit. My English name is Cindy, 28 years old, a girl (so don't call me mate, bro, man when PMing me please lol ) coming from China. I am currently one of's full time editors and as some of you might know, I'm also one of the admins here on the forum. I've been in 2P for more than 3 years but sadly, I am not a competitive gamer. I am more a casual gamer, currently playing Hearthstone (Blizzard's popular CCG) and another Chinese martial art MMORPG called Moonlight Blade as my main games. My Facebook is here, add me if you want

In this thread, you can introduce yourself to our community and let us know you better. Some have been in the forum since the beginning but might not  know each other very well. So welcome to join us and maybe playing games together by telling us what games you are enjoying now or w/e you want to share with us! (ofc even better if you can post your real life pictures :3)


1. Please no spams or just "hi, hello" in this thread. Those will be regarded as spam and will be deleted by our moderators.
2. This will be put up as one time forum task (more forum tasks here). Replying this thread will reward you with 5 golds. Forum golds can be exchanged to various prizes.

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Hey guys! I'm Matthew Ilagan and you can call me everytime . Just kidding. You can call me matt. I'm 19 years old, Male and from the Philippines. I'm an intern moderator here in 2p since I like the place I like playing Dota 2, draw 2D characters, play football and just browse around the web. If you want to add me on Facebook, just click here Have a good day guys.
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Hi im WRAT ,my name is drone in steam. I am 17 years old and i am from India. i joined this community when the compendium giveaway started and was one of the winners(thank you 2p).The game i only play now is DOTA 2.Due to exams i wasn't that active for a month , but now i am free . Thats all about me. thank you
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Hello im Avenger and my name is Juan. Im 26 years old and im from Brazil. I played alot of mmorpg and one of i played most time is ragnarok. Im TI student i like to watch movie and serie in free time.
We're all mad here!
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Hi. My name is Edgar, I'm 26 years old, from Latvia. I'm a casual gamer, MMORPG is my favourite genre.
I'm a moderator, been here for 6 months, and witnessed the launch of the forum.
I like to mess around with 3D software, some graphic design, but just casually.
My Facebook
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Im quikpogi in 2pforum, "Jong" in real life.. Dota2 (4kmmr solo) / Coc (currently in th9) player, Skater, jobless (still searching).. What you see in my avatar is all me, I Rage all the time, I play Dota2 a lot, Im not that good but I dont care  I just want to play  thank you for reading and nice to meet you all
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Edited by Akami at 8-24-2015 07:17

Heya, My name is Mido, i'm 19 years old (about to be 20 actually xD), From Egypt, living in the USA,CA and i have to be in the UK for few months of the year. I'm a Gamer for like 9 years till now, playing any kind of games FPS,MOBA,MMO, just anything! Also i'm an Anime fan ^^. But actually i'm a Beginner Petroleum Engineer. i used to be a PK editor aka 3D editor and a forum MOD in another forum. I'm a new member here, just joined the forum from 1~2weeks ago, atm playing my favorite games such as Black Desert, League of Legends, BattleField 4, GTA 5 and used to play Naruto Shippuden, also waiting for Blade & Soul and BDO EU/NA. Thats all ^^


see you in Uk.. got to surprise you soon..  Post time 11-23-2015 09:17
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Hello my name is michael lai, u can call me mike or mikey, i'm 27 years old

i played dota since 2002 until now, now i'm working on ISP company in Indonesia as a HR Officer.
i sign up on 2p forum because of the TI 5 Compendium giveaway but i learn a lot of things here. so Thank You 2P.

Nice to meet you all
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Hello everybody, my name is Florin, but everybody calls me Apophis. I’m a level 30 guy that lives in Romania. I am currently writing as freelancer for and I’m also trying to help Cindy with running this forum.

A few years ago I was a hardcore gamer, playing all sorts of MMOs, but the love of my life was Lineage 2. Now I’m just testing a few KR titles if my PC can handle them, and killing some time with HearthStone and Diablo 3. Waiting for Bless, Tree of Savior and Civilization Online.

Nice to meet you all.
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Hi , so Kaizoku here  my real name is Vincent , 20 yrs old and still in my 3rd yr of college and I'm from the Philippines. As you can see in my profile pic I'm a big fan of One Piece but I also like a lot of anime that a third of my free time is just watching anime or reading manga. Like many people here I joined this forum during the compendium giveaway ( thanks again by the way 2P ). I played a lot of many games in the past but currently I'm still playing a lot games ranging from different genres be it RPG , MMORPG ,MOBA ,FPS, or the casual adventure and simulation games but the one that takes up a lot of my time is definitely DOTA 2 . Oh, and I'm on the thin line between a Casual gamer and a Hardcore gamer
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