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Beginner Introduction

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Hello everyone! My name is Mykal. I'm here to break down the very basics of Hearthstone for those who may be just picking up the game.


Hearthstone is a card-based game where the primary objective is to take out the opponents hero. Each hero has 30 life. Once a player's hero reaches zero, they lose the game.

There are 9 different heroes to choose from:


Each player has a set of Mana crystals. The Mana gauge increases by one each turn, with the maximum being ten. These mana crystals are used to play cards and will reset each turn.

Each card costs a certain amount of Mana which is seen on the top left. Choose which cards you play wisely.


There are three types of cards:


Creatures are given a certain amount of attack power and a certain amount of life. Their attack can be seen on the bottom left with the sword and their life can be seen on the bottom right on the red droplet. Creatures can attack enemy creatures OR the other players' hero directly, but cannot play the first turn they are played.

One thing to note is that when creatures fight each other, they BOTH take damage equal to the opposite creatures attack. This is different from most card games, such as Yu-Gi-Oh.

Once a creature's life is depleted to zero, they are removed from the field.

Heroes can also attack by themselves if they are given a weapon. Weapons have an attack value, much like creatures, but instead of life, they have durability. The amount of durability a weapon has determines how many times it can be used. So if a weapon has 2 durability, then that weapon can only be used twice.

Spells simply activate the effect that is stated on the card.

In addition to cards, Heroes also have a class ability. These abilities all do different things, usually involving inflicting damage.


Now onto how the game is played…

The game begins with a coin toss. The winner goes first and the loser goes second. The player who goes first starts off with three cards. This player may choose to discard any combination of the three cards into the deck and draw new ones. This helps if you draw cards that require a lot of mana, since you won't have enough so early in the game.

The player going second gets four cards and they are also able to replace any combination of those four. This player also gets a card known as, "The Coin".

The Coin costs no mana to play, and gives the player one extra mana crystal for the turn that it is used.

Again, unlike most card games, you can make any move in any order. There are no phases.


Each deck has 30 cards, with up to 2 copies of each card being allowed.

Each class has their own set of cards, but there also cards that can be used with any class. These cards are called "neutrals".

Every card also has a different rarity:

Basic (Blank)
Common (White Gem)
Rare (Blue)
Epic (Purple)
Legendary (Orange)

You can get cards by either opening packs, playing arena, or leveling up characters.

That's all for my basic introduction. I'll be doing more guides on the different game modes, crafting, and more. Let me know if you found this helpful!


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