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Author: Veskuld

Favourite class (2 choice avaible)

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Wizard II

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Post time 8-23-2015 06:28 | Show all posts
Priest , shaman looks fun

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Post time 8-23-2015 10:53 | Show all posts
Tempo Mage and Random Priests

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Expert I

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Post time 8-26-2015 03:32 | Show all posts
I play tempo mage the most but freeze mage is also fun . Also, since I play priest in every game I tried, I also play it here sometimes Mech shaman is also fun when you have RNGezus on your side

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Expert II

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Post time 9-14-2015 13:04 | Show all posts
I really enjoy priest decks but sadly mine is lacking a lot of the great cards for it, but its still fun. Also, I enjoy mages.Their board clears are great.

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Post time 10-10-2015 06:48 | Show all posts
mage and paladin  :3
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Noob I

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Post time 2-7-2016 07:19 | Show all posts
Love playing mage especially when having a clusterfuck hand with tons of damage, getting an opponent down from 15 to 0 in one turn :p

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Expert III

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Post time 2-13-2016 01:23 | Show all posts
Priest > gotta love stealing peoples minions and shreking aggros.
Mage > just because Duplicates and Echo mediv spell

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Wizard II

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Post time 12-12-2017 06:20 | Show all posts
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