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Blade & Soul Class Guides & Information ( PvP )

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Hi there folks! This thread will be containing a few tips and tricks, and also a more detailed classes information when it comes to PvP. I myself have been playing Blade & Soul for many years on the China's version. Hence, given this honour to write about it, I'm able to give out a few tips and tricks of each classes, and also a more in-depth classes information.

I believe all of you are excited for the NA release of Blade & Soul, and you would want to know more about the PvP scene in Blade & Soul and what each classes does, the benefits, advantages and disadvantages. So let's cut the chase, and get right into it, shall we?

Kung Fu Master

First of the class, the Kung Fu Master. To be honest, Kung Fu Master have always been my favorite class of all time, even before Blade & Soul was release in Korea few years back, I looked at the trailer and immediately without hesitation, I fell in love with this class. Oh, enough of my sentimental memories of how much I love this class, let's get straight to the point.

If you're a active PvPer, and you love punch and kicks, flying in the air, kicking while airbourne, awesome quick combos, then this might just be the right class for you. The key to be a good Kung Fu Master in PvP is to have a fairly good ping, yes, you heard it right. As much as I hate to burst most people's bubble, to be able to be a great Kung Fu Master, your ping must be pretty low as well, let's make it simple, low ping = faster combo, faster animation cancel, and faster in almost every aspect of this class. Another thing is, Kung Fu Master has been known to stun-lock players due to their fast cooldown and many CCs skills, if you use it right, at the right timing, you'll just see that your opponent is having a hard time getting up, or even moving about. I know what you're thinking, surely there is a class out there that is on par with Kung Fu Master, otherwise Kung Fu Master is literally invincible. Well, you're right, there is, in fact it's more than one class, Blade Master and Destroyer each can stand on par fighting a Kung Fu Master, but that really depends on how you play, the style that you play and the ping that you have, will really affect the outcome of each battle.

Last but not least, I wouldn't say Kung Fu Master is the strongest of all classes, but I dare to say, if you have a fairly good ping, and you know your class well, you'd probably wouldn't get down to the ground that easily. Like I said, Kung Fu Master is a class that rely on ping, so it always comes back to whether or not you have a good low ping, if you do, all the best, if you don't, you could still try playing a Kung Fu Master, just don't expect a smooth journey ahead.

Blade Master

Next up, Blade Master. Well, this class is pretty mainstream, you'll probably see it in game almost all the time. Why? It's because the fact that this class is probably one of the most easiest class to play as a beginner, when I say easy, I mean it's really literally easy, it's easy to pick up all the combos, not even hard to think of it as. Blade Master is an all-around class, they can go tank, they can go defense, or they can just go all-around depending on their play style and who are they fighting with. For a Blade Master, it's the stun that's crucial, my advice ? Try to never get stun by a Blade Master, if you do, try to counter out of it, if you manage to, you're lucky, if you don't, then well, time to put your hands off your keyboard. Basically, the fact that I said that is because once you get stun by a Blade Master, there is no getting out of it until they finish their aerial combo or whatever combo that they are going to use next. A pro Blade Master will time their attacks combo perfectly, so perfect that even when you counter out of their stun, you'll still realize that you're either on the ground, or unable to move, that's because Blade Master has more than 2-3 stuns all in all, and most of their cooldown can be timed perfectly if you know how to play it. So you'll just be around in the air most of the time. That said, sounds like there's no way to counter a Blade Master's stun, you're wrong to think there's no way to go around that, there is, and that is to know your class, every class have it's own unique Q,E ( Avoidance technique ) to escape CCs, stuns, etc. Not to mention, if you used them all up, you could still SS ( Back Flip ) to escape it. If you timed it all perfectly, Blade Master couldn't do that many stuns on you, and on most classes, when you do use Q / E, or even your counter skills for anti-stun, they do stun them back or make them groggy on most part, and that's where your counter attack starts.

As a veteran Blade Master, I would say this class is the most easiest class of all to start off with, if you're a beginner. And also at the same time, deadly. Blade Master's combo is one of the reason why I started playing it, they deal so much damage during the aerial combo and sometimes, that's all there is to it. They do have certain other skills like the 6 star stripes where you would be able to obtain it once you unlock your Hong Men skills. ( I will go to that Hong Men part later on ). So whether you're a casual player, starting off as a beginner, or someone who just wants to have fun, I think Blade Master is an all-around class, that fits all criteria, so there's no harm giving this class a try. After all, it's easy but deadly.


Well well, where do I start with this? This class is one tricky class, and one of the most attractive traits people go for is the stealth, but one thing they are wrong about it, which is, they thought stealth is always infinity, you can go stealth whenever, that's a wrong way to think. For Assassins, we know for certain that, they use stealth and try to deal as much DPS as possible at that short amount of duration, but it ain't all Sundays everytime you go against someone. Assassin is known to deal the least DPS among all the classes, at least if you compare them with Blade Master and Force Master, Assassin is no where near them at all when it comes to who deals the most DPS. But, one thing that comes in advantage for Assassin is that they can escape, and then deal deadly strikes which paralyze / stuns the target without even getting hit, of course that of which requires you to know your class very well and time your attack perfectly. Assassins are quite a ping reliant class, actually I would say, the most ping dependable class of all classes out there. Normally, when you are an Assassin going up against other classes, you'd want to always think that you could escape those ridiculous CCs / stuns before you encounter them. Always leave a road behind for you to fall because that's how Assassin plays. The most common is to stealth, stun, and then deal some as much damage as possible using the skill which will be on your mouse right click hotkey. ( Names are in chinese so I wouldn't bother translating it here ). After that, SS once, let your skills cool down, stealth again, go into it, this time do a stun or if possible, get an aerial strike combo done, that will probably pull at least 50% of their HP down.

There is one effective and useful skill as an Assassin, which is the ability to trap someone while in the air with some kind of spider web looking technique, that hotkey of which is Mouse's right click as well, you will have to switch your skills path to obtain that. With that, it gives you really a huge advantage and give your opponents huge disadvantage, the advantages for you are, you can plan your next move, as well as allowing time for your skills to cool down and ready for the next strike, the disadvantage for your opponents are, obviously, stuck in the air, unable to anti-counter it, and also when they fall, that is your chance again to either lift them up in the air again, or play around with them. All in all, Assassins are very stealthy and they can be very deadly if play right. My advice is for people who loves quick combos and stunning visual skills, go for Assassin, but bear in mind, it's not always that easy, and again, not everyday is a Sunday. There are pros and cons that I have not mention, but I'll let you guys play along with it and you'll find out yourselves in a matter of time.

Force Master



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