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[Class Guide] Assassin Cross Job Change Guide

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Edited by shaylynsun at 2-12-2017 22:57

Hey guys, shaylyn here. Recently I just helped my friend to finish his Assassin Cross Job Change quest... We got OT

Step 1: Go to the Job Change Place, anwersing 3 questions.

Step2: Go to Morroc, find the NPC in the picture.

Step3: Go to Prymid, killing mobs in the picture, you'll get a key from one of them

Step4: After using the key, you'll see a fake orisis. I have to say this one is dangerous... You had better party with tank + priest..
If you wanna solo.... okay just take advantage of sneak when orisis summon mobs... Prepare a few flywings when you see sneak girl...

Step 5: Go back to morroc and give the item to the npc.

Step 6: Go to Protera, ansering 3 questions.

Step7: You're a Assassin Cross now.

Credit to: 云阙

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Post time 2-14-2017 01:58 | Show all posts
before facing Osiris,

you need to open 2 casket

first casket = 3 deviruchi

second casket = 3 raydric

Note : theres many mob near the casket at second casket (raydric) , becareful.. just use throw venom knife and backslide repeatly to lure the mobs
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Thanks for the guide shaylynsun. btw, do you have an english translation and description for the 3rd job skills for SinX?
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Edited by bimahp at 3-4-2017 11:10

Doing this quest today, i think the key dropped by quest marduk is random.

I got unlucky and have to open 3 deviruchi and 2 khalitzburg caskets before getting the right key for fake osiris
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bimahp 3-4-2017 11:08
Doing this quest today, i think the key dropped by quest marduk is random.

I got unlucky and have t ...

Yup.  Totally random.  I got 2 sets of Khalitzburgs (3) before facing Osiris.

My Osiris didn't spawn any mobs though.  It was just him.
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