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The New Executioner Deck Is Here! (Neon’s Strategy)

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The New Executioner Deck Is Here!

(Neon’s Strategy)

This is a strategy that was made by Neon who has been a clash royale - youtuber for quite some time now. This strategy has an extremely viable set of cards in the deck which covers all the necessary areas in the game to be successful.

This battle has been successful to a lot of people and has got several positive feedback. Let me know what you guys think of this deck as well.

Battle Deck:

Golem + Executioner + Miner+ The Log + Minions + Fireball + Mega Minion + The Skeleton Army

Starting Strategy:

You can always start off with the golem from behind your tower and slowly launch into an opening attack with the executioner behind you. This will use up a lot lot elixir leaving your defense vulnerable. Therefore making such a move should be with caution. You may also wait for your opponent to make his move first and accordingly take advantage of him later.

Use and role of each card:


General Information:

The golem is an epic card that comes at an expensive elixir cost of 8. The Golem when taken out splits into two golemites dealing in area damage.


The golem has hit points which means that it will require a good defense to take out what could be a potentially threatening offensive push. The golem may be slow, but this will also allow you to regain some elixir and support the golem accordingly.


The golem has a high elixir cost which means that your other tower is potentially left open for a good offensive push. The golem’s slowness may also come to haunt in tight games. Troops like the skeleton army and minion horde, goblins etc can take out the golem quickly.

How to use it in the Strategy:

The Golem off late has been a very reliable card to go to. It may come at a very high elixir cost of 8 but it can certainly do justice to this cost. The golem in this strategy should be used in the typical fashion it always is. The Golem can lead the way slowly while other troops like the new executioner can be placed right behind him. The reason for placing someone like executioner lies in the fact that executioner is effective against both the skeleton army and the minion horde. Make sure your opponent does not take out your tower on the opposite end. By putting sufficient pressure on your end your opponent will only have time in defense.


General Information:

The executioner is an epic card that comes at an elixir cost of 5. He has the unique ability of using his axe like a boomerang that can cause damage to both ground and air troops. His axe causes double damage- when thrown from his hand and once again when it finds its way back to his hand.


The executioner can take out both air and ground troops a=from a distance. Troops like skeleton army and the minion horde cannot take this guy out easily.


The executioner is potentially low on hit points so watch out for cards like the fireball etc.

How to use it in the Strategy:

The Executioner in this deck can either be used behind the golem in order to protect the golem and cause maximum damage or it can also be used in cases of defense. The executioner is extremely effective against a collective attack or group or a horde. This would mean that a good use of the executioner will lead to an elixir advantage in your favor. However the executioner can be taken out quickly so be productive in your placements.


General Information:

The miner is legendary card that comes at a low elixir cost of just 3. He has the unique ability of digging his way through to his destination leaving him unharmed.

Strengths: The miner’s quick nature can give you the edge by causing a good amount of damage to the towers directly as he does not have to get through the opponent’s defense. He is extremely handy in tight situations.

Weaknesses: He is weak against any flying unit and cards like the skeleton army.

How to use it in the Strategy:

The Miner in this deck has the role of an offensive unit who can look to defend your tower in combat as well as cause damage to your opponent’s tower quickly. The miner can be used to combat troops like the wizard, ice wizard etc. Apart from this you can also use the miner to carry out its normal role of causing direct damage to your opponent’s tower.

4.The Log:

General Information:

The log is a legendary card that comes at a low elixir cost of just 2.


The log can be used against offensive pushes and will help you greatly in defense. It can also effectively take out the skeleton army clearing out the way for your prince, hog rider or even the giant.


The log needs to be placed effectively. When placed elsewhere consider your elixir to be wasted. Moreover, the damage caused by the log is limited.

How to use it in the Strategy:

The Log in this deck has the typical role of pushing back an offensive push by your opponent and also the role of eliminating troops like the skeleton army. When the miner or the golem is put under pressure through the skeleton army or any other troop like the goblins etc, the log can be effective and cheap medium to eliminate these threats. It can also come in handy when your opponent has the princess at his disposition.


General Information: The minions is a common card that comes at an elixir cost of 3.

Strengths: The fact that the minions can fly is its greatest strength as it can take out ground troops effectively. The minion are fast and come at a reasonable elixir price.

Weakness: The minions can be taken out by the fire spirits, the arrows, fireball, spear goblins etc.

How to use it in the Strategy:  

The minions in this deck can be used in the defense more or less. Since the minions have the added advantage of being able to fly you may use the minions against any ground troop. Albeit that the minions may not distract a ground unit from attacking, it can certainly eliminate these ground units quickly.

6. Fireball:

General Information:The fireball is a rare card that comes at an elixir cost of 4.

Strengths: The fireball can be used on any troop- flying or ground. It is greatly effective against troops like the wizard, skeleton army, goblins, minion horde etc.

Weakness: Does not cause much damage against troops like the valkyrie. Placement of this card needs to be done smartly and cautiously.

How to use it in the Strategy:

The Fireball has a similar role to the log in this deck. It can be extremely useful in taking out a charging attacking push. The fireball will cause a good enough damage to eliminate that push and in turn give you an elixir advantage. The fireball can also be used against towers. Its slash damage ability lets you cause dmage to anything that falls within its range so make sure you take advantage of this.

Mega Minion:

General Information:

The Mega Minion is a rare troop that comes an elixir cost of just 3.


The mega minion strikes hard and effectively with the added advantage that it can fly of course.


The mega minion can be taken out quickly due to its low hit points.

How to use it in the Strategy:

The mega minion is a vital card to this deck simply because of its cheap elixir cost and the fact that it can cause an ample amount of damage. You may use it in the final 60 seconds if you are looking for an offensive push against a tower. The Mega Minion will cause good damage against the tower. You may also use it in defense like how you chose to use the minions. The results will however be more productive. Watch out for the minion horde and the fireball, as the mega minion is weak against them.

8.The Skeleton Army:

General Information: The skeleton army is an epic card that comes at a low elixir cost of just 3.

Strengths: The skeleton army is extremely effective against the hog rider, the prince, the giant etc.

Weakness: It can be easily taken out by the arrows, fire spirits, fireball etc.

How to use it in the Strategy:

The skeleton army in this deck will carry out its typical defensive role against troops like the prince, hog rider and the giant. However you may also use it in offense when you see an opening. The chances of a productive offensive use against your opponent are slim because the skeleton army can be taken out by a number of cards. Some of which include- the arrows, fireball, wizard, ice wizard etc. The result of an offensive push coming through with a skeleton army though, is quite extraordinary.

Battle Strategy:

Offensive: Golem + Executioner

The golem should be typically sent out right from behind. This will give you the time to build up on elixir and release the executioner. The executioner with his axe when sent behind the golem can effectively take out the viable threats.

Defensive: Fireball, skeleton army, minion, the log

The defensive strategies in this deck comprises of several options which can be used in various situations. As it covers most of the defensive voes for any player, this strategy can be seen as a strong and a viable one! The following is the role of each of these cards:

Skeleton army –- Giant, hog rider, Prince etc.

Fireball –- All flying units and small units like the skeletons, goblins.

The log-- Skeleton army and other ground units.

The executioner can also be used as a defensive option when needed the most as you will see in the video.

1.Send out the Golem from the back of the tower and use other troops to give him good backup.
2.Attack one lane while carefully defending the other.
3.As it is a combination strategy remember to use each card to supplement the other.
3.Use your final sixty seconds wisely, don’t let your opponent rush you.
4.Watching videos and understanding the role and the weaknesses of every card in your deck will greatly help you.
5.Look to win Elixir Trade offs and don’t focus too much on just attacking.
6.Last of all, like I always say, Have fun, share and comment away!

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