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Elite Barb Counter Deck (no epics or legendaries)

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Hello, if you're tired of the elite barb meta this deck can counter elite barbs incredibly easily. This deck does require a fair amount of skill to use.


Ice Golem (can use Guards also)
Fire Spirits
Elite Barbarians
Hog Rider

The whole point of the deck is to use the tombstone and Ice golem to lure the opponent's rush into the center of the map. While doing this you want to play troops like fire spirits or the musketeer in the back to deal even more damage to stop their rush. Be careful, though using your musketeer early can cause your opponent to rush with air troops and the musketeer is really the only anti-air card you have. Another option is to counter with the elite barbs and then use them as a counter rush.

Early Game
The name of the game of this Deck is countering, wait for your opponent to play first and create a counter push. Use the Elite Barbs to do this.
Or if they don't play for a little bit
Deploy the Hog rider to see what their counter is, if it is skeleton army be prepared to use a prediction
zap to get the hog rider or elite barbs to the tower.
Play the musketeer in the back of the king tower, the goal here is to get the game going.

Middle Game
Counter Counter Counter
Try to chip away their tower with elite barbs, and the hog rider

End Game
Use the extra elixir to keep countering but be more aggressive, Ice golem, elite barb push
Try to deal that little extra damage to finish off their tower

Never start with an elite barb rush, you will most likely lose if you start off the game right away with an elite barb rush, this deck is more of a defensive deck, don't be aggressive until you have the 2x elixir.

Elite Barbs - use the tomb stone to bait them into the middle and if they have supporting troops behind the barbs use the ice golem to separate the elite barbs and the rest of the push. If they cycle faster than you, you can always use the elite barbs and zap to counter and then have a counter push. Also, the Valkyrie is great for if the Elite barbs have weak troops behind them, The valkyrie can not take on Elite Barbs by herself, use the ice golem or the fire spirits to help her out.

Lava Hound - Lava hound/air decks are hard to counter, but if played right it can be really easy. Use the tomb stone to draw the lava hound into the middle, then play the musketeer behind the tower. Once again use the ice golem to separate the tank from the push, the goal is to buy time for the musketeer to kill the lava hound.

Giant - Play the tombstone in the center to draw in the giant then place Valkyrie in the back to kill other troops if the Giant is followed by air troops use zap if zap does not completely kill the troops behind the Giant place the ice golem behind the Giant, the smaller troops will kill the ice golem effectively killing themselves.

Royale Giant - Counter with tombstone, elite barbs or both

Final Words

Placement is key to success. The tombstone and Ice golem are your best friends they can basically counter anything, use the elite barbarians to counter a tank then support them for a counter push, use the musketeer to chip away at tanks from the safety of the tower. Use the hog rider to finish off a tower. Remember you don't have to follow my advice word by word, find out what works for you.

If you have any trouble with this deck and positioning check out this great video by orange juice, this deck was based off this video.  Thanks for your time and good luck.

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