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Insane Elite Barb-Hog Rider Deck In Clash Royale! (Attacking Strategy)

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Insane Elite Barb-Hog Rider Deck In Clash Royale!

(Attacking Strategy)

This New Elite Barb deck will certainly be a fun deck to play with. This offensive strategy is anther Ash strategy where he believes that the quickness of the hog rider and the elite barbarians can devastate your opponent.

This battle strategy can be used in Arena 8 and higher.

Battle Deck:

Hog Rider + Elite Barbarians + Freeze Spell + Fireball + Cannon + Archers + Mega Minion + Log

Starting Strategy:

Before you start off and go into battle, it is important to understand your won deck. Every card in your defensive unit and every attacking combination should be known by you. These attacking combination are also prone to weaknesses, so, it is important to be prepared for that. It would be smart to wait till the elixir bar goes up to 10. If you feel like you already have a good attacking combination already at your disposal, I would recommend going in for the attack and creating quick pressure. However if you do feel the necessary attacking resources are lacking them sit back and defend against your opponent’s attacking combination. Make sure you follow up with attack when your opponent is vulnerable.

Use and role of each card:

1.The Hog Rider:      

The Hog Rider is a card that has been around since the very beginning. This card is highly dangerous as it can cause a lot of damage in a very quick amount of time. The reason this card has been chosen in this deck is to give the Elite Barbarians that extra edge in fastness.

Add the elite barbarians along with the hog rider and you can claim a tower in span of seconds. It is quite obvious that this combination is vulnerable to several defense troops. The skeleton army, minion horde, tesla, inferno tower etc to name a few. But use the combination of the freeze spell as well and your combination is deadly.

Elite Barbarians:

The Elite Barbarians are a new addition to the game. They come out as a deadly pair of two. Adding to their strength and striking capacity, their quickness is one to watch out for! Having the elite barbarians can be extremely useful in tight situation.

This card so far has been proven to be a game changer. The elite barbarians are a common card and they can therefore be easy to level up. I would suggest leaving them up to a minimum level of at least nine before you can start using them.

3.Freeze Spell

The Freeze Spell forms your last component of your attacking unit. This is that definitive unit that can completely put the match in your favor.

When the Elite Barbarians and The hog rider are coming at a quick pace against your opponent’s tower, your opponent will be pushed on the back foot. He may play all sorts of cards to defend against this combination, however, the freeze spell can freeze them all.


The Role of the Fireball is two fold. It can be used in attack as well as defense. In terms of its defense it can be used against several attacking pushes. The defense aspect will be explained further below.

In terms of its attacking fold, the fireball can be used initially, dealing damage to both troops and the tower. It can Similarly be used at any time during the match and this decent damage done to the tower can go a long way for you to win the match.


The prime role of the cannon is to distract troops that are on the offensive against our tower. The cannon will be a part of the defensive unit taking care of card like the Giant, the Prince, the hog rider etc.

The cannon comes a reasonable elixir just of just 3, so make sure you use the cannon wisely and appropriately.


The archers ply typical hand role of a supporter in this deck as well. It can be used to weaken flying units from a distance. Apart from the defending aspect it can also be used along with the offensive push.

Each arrow of an archer packs a good punch and can quickly turn the match in your favor.

7.Mega Minion:

As I have mentioned in my previous articles as well, The mega minion is a card that is not very high on hit points. Although it comes at this disadvantage the damage the mega minion can cause is quite severe in nature.

I would recommend sending the mega minion behind another card or simply using it for defensive purposes against cards like the giant.


The legendary log is useful card to have in your deck. It can mainly serve you in two ways. One way would be to push a threatening offensive combination heading towers your tower. This will cause a small amount of damage to the opponent’s troops and give a little extra time.

The other main use comes in the way of taking out the skeleton army or any ground unit which is low on hit points. This can be useful in protecting your own troops while they goon the offense as well.

Battle Strategy:

Offensive: Elite Barbarians + Hog Rider + Freeze Spell

Speed is the most influential aspect of this combination and it can make it across to your opponent’s deck in no time! However this combination can come with weaknesses as well. Cards like the skeleton army, minion horde, or even goblins for that matter can prove to be a threat against this combination.

However with the use of the freeze spell as well, this combination is nearly invincible. Make sure you use and time the freeze spell well.

Main Weakness: Fireball: As the fireball cannot be frozen, it is important to release this combination when your opponent has either just finished using this card and f your opponent is not in possession of that card at all.

Defensive: Cannon, Archers + Mega Minion + Log, Fireball

The defensive unit is rich by having as many as five cards that can cater to this department. Each card has his or her role.

Cannon(Can serve as a distraction as well) –- Giant, hog rider, Prince etc.

Fireball –- Barbarians, Minions, Skeleton army etc

Archers –- All flying and units with low hit points from a distance.

Log: The log can specifically take out the skeleton army and other elated small elixir troops.


1.A high average elixir cost combination will require patience in creating offensive pushes.
2.Attack one lane while carefully defending the other.
3.As it is a combination strategy remember to use each card to supplement the other.
3.Use your final sixty seconds wisely, don’t let your opponent rush you.
4.Watching videos and understanding the role and the weaknesses of every card in your deck will greatly help you.
5.Look to win Elixir Trade offs and don’t focus too much on just attacking.
6.Last of all, like I always say, Have fun, share and comment away!

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