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Skeleton Army+ MINI P.E.K.A Deck To go from Arena 1 to Arena 7 in just Two Days!

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SkeletonArmy and Mini P.E.K.A Deck to go from Arena 1 to 7 in Two Days!

Hey Guys! So here is anin depth guide on how to get from Arena 1 to Arena 7 in just two days using theSkeleton Army+ Mini P.E.K.A deck. The deck consists of;
Giant (Rare Card-Elixir 5)
Tombstone (Rare Card-Elixir 3)
Minions (Common Card-Elixir 3)
Skeleton Army (Epic Card-Elixir 3)
Spear Goblins (CommonCard- Elixir 2)
Mini P.E.K.A (Rare Card-Elixir 4)
Musketeer (Rare Card-Elixir 4)
Bomber (Common Card-Elixir 3)

This deck is apt forguiding you all the way to Arena 7 quickly if you play the cards rightly. This feat can be achieved in just a matter of two days or a couple of hours if you sit in one stretch.


This is a deck which must be played carefully and with calculated precision in order to quickly move up the ladder. It focuses primarily on defensive measures while judiciously planning a controlled swarm offensive strike. One thing that must be kept inmind is that at all times during the game, the players must have enough elixirs in order to strengthen their defence. This is where this deck assumes great significance, its low average elixir count will ensure that you have enough at all times to hold your ground and at the same time to launch a destructive counter attack. An average elixir cost of 3.4 to 3.6 will help in achieving this.  What needs to be done in order to win is to efficiently hold your defences strongly until the enemy used his high elixir cards, once this is done a controlled swarm attack will help in achieving the desired result. Having knowledge of the elixir consumption for each card will come to be of great help while using this deck.




The above combination of cards is most suitable to ensure a solid defence for your towers. There are two ways in which one can play on the defensive front. The first one is to launch a quick attack at the enemy, destroy a tower and focus completely on defence. An alternative to this is to hold your ground for a while and then launch a quick counter attack once the enemy has used his cards to launch a heavy attack on your towers. The defence using this deck is fool proof until Arena 4 after which the defensive measures have to be used carefully, especially when playing in Arena 6. This will ensure that you get at least a one crown victory in everygame.

TOMBSTONE: Tombstone assumes a pivotal role in defence. The main purpose of the tombstone is to ward off the attacks from the highly vulnerable cards like goblins, fire spirits and skeletons. It also ensures a quick attack if any barrel goblins are hurled at one of your towers by either distracting them long enough for the archers on the tower to attack or by destroying them. The tombstone plays another important role in the game; it keeps massive pressure on the enemy. However,the disadvantage of the tombstone is that it is susceptible to being destroyed when hit by a rocket. A possible replacement to the tombstone can be a goblin hut which would play the exact same role but at a higher elixir cost.

SKELETON ARMY:The skeleton army has a two-fold role in this deck. It acts as both an offensive aswell as a defensive card. One of the best things about this card is the low elixir cost of using it. The skeleton army should bear the huge burden of providing quick, efficient and strong defence against the highly destructive cards launched by the enemy. The army, even at the lower levels, can easily stop a Giant, Prince, P.E.K.K.A, Hog Rider, Golem and even the Giant skeleton.They can quickly destroy any of them and also provide for a quick counter attack in huge numbers even on the defensive line. Since the Skeleton Army can easily take out large targets quickly it is advised that they be used only once the enemy nears your tower. This is to ensure that they are not followed by the Valkyrie or Baby Dragon which can take out the skeletons leaving your tower open for an attack. The skeleton army can also take care of the Huts and canons set up by the enemy which will ensure that the offensive troops in the deck do not get distracted to these while playing your counter attack.

SPEAR GOBLINS: The main role of the Spear Goblins is to supplement the skeleton Army in a defensive strike against the offensive cards. The trio can ensure that there is sufficient damage inflicted on them. As mentioned earlier, if a Valkyrie is launched while a skeleton army is trying to defend then she can easily take them out. The Spear Goblins can act as shield to the army by attacking the Valkyrie or witch from long range. Another role assumed by them is to attack the aerial troops. It is extremely important to ward off any attacks launched by the aerial troops. The Spear Goblins can ensure that these troops like balloon, minions and even the baby dragon are taken care of.

MUSKETEER: The musketeer plays the role of removing the air troops like Minions and balloon. When the musketeer is used alongside the Spear goblins it can be said with confidence that no aerial attacks can come near the tower. In addition to this, the musketeers can cause serious damage to the enemy towers. This will weaken the enemy tower considerably making the job of counter attack easier and quicker.

MINIONS: Minions provide quick aerial and ground defence at a low elixir cost. They can be used alongside spear Goblins or the musketeer to prevent any aerial attacks. In addition to this they can quickly do a lot of damage to ground troops like the Skeleton Army, Hog Rider, Witch and P.E.K.A which are difficult to attack directly. The Minions can also be used when launching your counter attack if there are no aerial troops to defend. The minion horde can also be used as a replacement to boost up the defence but it will increase the average elixir consumption.

BOMBER: The main role of the bomber is to attack the skeleton army and any other group attacks from goblins or Barbarians used by the enemy. They can do a lot of area Damage which will add up very well to the defensive squad of the deck.  



Attacking the enemy towers using this deck requires patience and must be a calculated move. As mentioned earlier, having knowledge of the elixir consumption of each card will give you an upper hand over your enemy. It must be kept in mind that even while going on the offensive there must be enough elixir in order to bring up a defence quickly if the need arises, therefore it is vital to keep building upelixir. Before attacking the enemy it must be ensured that the enemy does not have enough elixir to bring up a defensive card against you. Thus, the best time to launch a counter attack using this deck is when the enemy has used up high costing elixirs. Careful observation must be made regarding the lane in which the enemy has set up his defence. The ideal place to counter attack is the same lane in which the enemies attack was defended. This is because the enemy’s high elixir cards have been used up and is not in a position to set up a solid defence. In addition to this, the defending troops can also charge forward along with your offensive troops leaving the enemy clueless as to what hit him. Alternatively, if the enemy keeps pressure by attacking only on one side continuously it is best to hold your ground until the final minute of the game and then launch a counter attack on the other lane using either the skeleton Army or the Mini P.E.K.A as they can move quickly and do a lot of damage. Using this method will ensure at least a one crown victory in every game. This will help in collecting trophies quickly helping the player move across different arena’s quickly.

GIANT:The Giant plays an important role in the offensive strike against the enemy. It is ideal to use the Giant once the skeleton army or Minions of the enemy have been destroyed as these are the only ones who can quickly destroy the Giant. One of the important things to be kept in mind before using the giant is to ensure that there is enough elixirs to launch a backup troop along with him. This can even be a set of spear goblins to ward off a Bomber from the giants path. Even if the giant can’t destroy a tower, he can easily ensure that the structural integrity of the enemy tower is heavily compromised leaving it open to a quick attack from aswarm of skeletons or Mini P.E.K.A.

MINIP.E.K.A: TheMini P.E.K.A is a low elixir costing ramming machine which can easily take out a level six tower in three hits. It can even withstand small attacks which makes it the most apt counter attacking machine in this deck. Use the MiniP.E.K.A once the defensive task has begun. Do not attack the enemy until the defence troops have been deployed. The enemy usually uses up all his elixirs in the last minute to launch a full scale attack against your tower, (this can be inferred from the number of troops that have been sent or if it’s a highly destructive card. This can be used in order to assess the elixir consumption if one is not aware of how much each card requires) once the low elixir cards havebeen used up to set up a defence, launch a counter attack on the other lane  using a Mini P.E.K.A. The fast pace and the powerful attacks can easily destroy the tower. The task becomes quicker if you have enough elixir to launch a skeleton army along with him. An alternative to the Mini P.E.K.A can be the Prince but it comes at a higher elixir cost.

SKELETON ARMY:As stated earlier, the skeleton army plays a twofold role in this deck. On the offensive front, if used properly, they can ensure victory by quickly destroying the towers. They can be used in two ways. They turn from defensiveto offensive once the high enemy card is destroyed. They can be supplemented with the Mini P.E.K.A or Minions to quickly disable a tower. Alternatively, if played carefully they can easily take out a tower in the final minutes of a game ensuring that the opponent has no way for a comeback. It is ideal to launch a skeleton Army on offence on the undefended lane once it is ensured that the enemy’s Valkyrie or Minions have been taken care of. This will ensure that they get to the tower and quickly destroy it.

1) Low average elixir consumption.
2) Small and efficient troops for defence,
3) Quick counter attack options.
4) Provides both aerial and ground defence at low elixir cost.
5) Provides to launch counter attack and defend at the same time.
6) Ensures that you can easily collect trophies to quickly move across arenas.
1) Cannot launch a full scale attack as the deck is a highly defensive one.
2) Cannot set up two or more buildings to constantly pressurize the enemy.
3) Counter attack options will be limited if defence fails.

Watch the video to understand better as to how the deck must be used.
Thanks! Have fun playing! Please like,Share and Comment.

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