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INNOVATIVE Log + Prince/Hog Deck In Clash Royale! (Ash’s Offensive Strategy)

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INNOVATIVE Log + Prince + Hog Rider Deck In Clash Royale!
(Ash’s Offensive Strategy)

Hey Guys! This offensive Ash deck will feature The log card and it will help you construct a series of attacking combinations against your opponent at regular internvals. The reason for this is that this deck comes at a very low average elixer cost of 3.0!

This battle strategy can be used in Arena 7 and higher.

Battle Deck:

The Log + Hog Rider + Minions + Fire Spirit + The Prince + Zap +  Poison Spell + Spear Goblins

Use and role of each card:

1.The Log:

The legendary log card comes at just a small elixir cost of 2. Yes, its a given that that the log card cannot be a substantial attacking force.However, in this deck, the log card can be used in order to ensure counter pushes against your opponent.

The legendary log is used to supplement the two play-makers in this deck-The Prince and the Hog Rider, both of who are weak against cards like the skeletons, skeleton army, goblins etc. The log will ensure that these threats are eliminated, making it an effective card that compliments the others!

2.The Hog Rider:

The Hog Rider is one of the two play makers in this deck. The hog ridercan quickly shift the mach in your favor so ensure that you use this card wisely. The hog rider can get to the towers quick and caused amage.

I would recommend that you assess the cards that are in the possession of your opponent. The hog rider can be sent along with the firespirits if you feel like your opponent is going to use the minions as a counter. You may also use the log in case any other card that is of a significant threat is trying to limit the damage your hog rider combo.


It is always advisable keep a flying unit in the deck in order to takeout several dangerous ground troops. The minions are a great choice in this deck as the elixir cost is low and so that pressure created from your opponent through ground troops can be counted.

The Minions are however weak against cards like the arrows, fire spirit,baby dragon etc. As far as the baby dragon is concerned, I would suggest distracting the baby dragon with another troop or your own tower and using the minions to take the dragon out quickly.However, the arrows card cannot be countered. You may however try and avoid it by using the minions right after the arrows has been used.Your opponent in this case cannot use the arrows again in a while unless on the rare occasion that he is in possession of the mirror card.

4.Fire Spirit:

The Fire Spirit is specifically in this deck to take out troops like the minions and cause effective damage to other troops like the barbarians, skeleton army etc.

The Fire Spirit is also a low elixir card that will give you an elixir advantage and the advantage to win!

5.The Prince:

The Prince is the second play-maker in this deck. The Prince’s first attacks are the most dangerous as he come in with force. Try to ensure that the prince reaches your opponent’s tower. This can be only be done by providing the prince with the necessary backup.

The Prince is extremely weak against the skeleton army and the barbarians. These can be fairly taken care of with the log and the fire spirit card. The video and the attacking strategy for this deckwill give you more of an insight towards the prince.


The Zap card can be looked as at that card that can momentarily stop and help in taking out an attacking combination. It is this special quality that makes this card so important!

Troops like the minion horde and the skeleton army are especially vulnerable against them. This will also take care of of those cards that the play-makers are vulnerable against.


If you’ve been in Arena 7 for a considerable time now you would have noticed the importance of this card. Simply because of cards like the elixir collector, the miner, the goblin barrel etc.  The poison spell will not only ensure damage but will also remove that eminent threat of your opponent having an elixir advantage over through the collector.

Make sure the area that the poison spell is used within is used to its maximum. You should look to poison as many troops or objects as possible!

8.Spear Goblins:

The Spear goblins form your last troop and they are most effective while causing a collective attacking strategy against your opponent. You can also use this card effectively to take out flying units.

They are also effective as they take shoot their spears from a long range allowing them not be harmed.

Battle Strategy:

Offensive:Hog Rider/ Prince + Log and the fire spirit

This is an offensive strategy in which each card compliments each other.This strategy gives your opponents very little time to react as well!Use the log to eliminate threats that come in the way of the hog rider or the prince, The fire spirit can be a good plus because it will take care of those flying minions if any. In the case that thereare no minions, well it does good damage to the towers neverthe less which makes it a win win situation

Defensive:Minions,  Log, Zap/Fire Spirit etc.

All the above mentioned cards are great for defensive work. Because oftheir low elixir cost, you may also keep building up defensive forces.. The log can look to take care of the ground troops, the zap or the fire spirit can prevent air strikes as well.

Be careful with your defensive choices as each card in this deck is chosen to help you in defending against whatsoever the attack may be.

1.A low average elixer cost can mean piling up troops and creating offensive pushes..
2.Attack one lane while carefully defending the other.
3.As it is acombination strategy remember to use each card to supplement theother.
3.Use your final sixty seconds wisely,don’t let your opponent rush you.
4.Use the Poison spell at its maximum range, poisoning as many as possible!
5.Watching videos and understanding the role and the weaknesses of every card in your deck will greatly help you.
6.Look to win Elixir Trade offs and don’t focus too much on just attacking.
7.Last of all, like I always say, Have fun,share and comment away!

You may also be interested in the following guides:

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This post contains more resources

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Possible switch to poison ? Is it that crutial or swappable ?
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iRenas 11-12-2016 05:50
Possible switch to poison ? Is it that crutial or swappable ?

Poison is dead now,  I will replace it with defensive buildings or skeleton army.
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