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Powerful Three Musketeers Deck for Victory Challenges

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First off a little introduction.
I use this deck for victory challenges and tournament play.
I started to play it very recently, because I wanted to test the potential of the Three Musketeers.
I've been liking them very much, winning me back-to-back classic victory challenges starting out with them.

The deck is not solely made for challenges but because my 3M are 'only' lvl 7 I can't test their full potential in my current trophy range (3.8 - 4k).
Therefore I will be focussing on gameplay in challenges/tournament.

My Deck

Three Musketeers (3M), Knight, Mini Pekka, Miner, Princess, Ice Spirit, Zap, Elixir Collector
Average Elixir Cost 3.8 which is quite low for a 3M-deck.
The archetype for this deck is Beatdown, you will be looking at battling your opponents on THEIR side.

Card Breakdown

Three Musketeers : The deck is build around these lovely ladies. They are your win condition. I ALLWAYS split the 3M. (more on this later)
Knight : A cheap mini-tank/Allround unit to put in front of your musketeers. Used to protect your collector from miners aswell and in duo defense with mini-pekka.
Mini Pekka : The 'runner' in this deck. Used mainly on defense to kill the big units (giants, royal giants, ...). Try to transition him from defense -> offense to get great value .
Miner : Several purposes in this deck. 1) take out enemy's Elixir Collector 2) take out enemy princess 3) tank for your musketeers
Princess : Splash-Support, needed in this deck for the support vs small-units and applying pressure from the back-end.
Ice Spirit : Cheap cycle card. At 1 elixir he is a bargain, the 2sec freezy can be very handy on both offense/defense.
Zap : nee ds no introduction.  
Elixir Collector : You will be wanting a pump in a 3M deck to build the very big pushes in double elixir time.

There are not a lot of options for replacements in this deck without changing the way the deck plays.
I will only note the replacements that will keep the deck in a sort-like state.

Three Musketeers: none, this is a 3M deck !
Knight: Too good in a 3M deck because of his cost. In the near future I believe the Ice Golem could take a part of his role.
Mini Pekka: Hard to swap because you want a big unit to kill tanks. You could try Prince (but this makes the deck more expensive) or a defense building (but your main goal isn't defense with this deck).
Miner: I wouldn't replace him. You could use a Giant if you only want a tank in this slot, you will lose the 2 other key-roles I use the miner for.
Princess: Arrows, Archers or Fire Spirits.
Ice Spirit: For 1 elixir this card is too good. In the near future: Ice Golem. Skeletons if you want more distraction on defense.
Zap: You could try another spell, The Log or Arrows but I strongly advice to keep zap.
Elixir Collector: None, this deck needs a pump. If you don't like pumps, 3M decks will be hard to play.

Battle Strategy

The main thing you will be focussing on is getting a pump down all the time, preferably two by the time you hit double elixir time.
This deck runs some nice cards to protect them from enemy miners, the knight being the best for this role, but also the mini pekka can serve this role.
Your ice spirit can also save some pumps or be combined with the Knight in case Knight isn't in your hand at first.
The deck doesn't run a defensive building but unlike a lot off decks you're not focussing on 'not giving away a tower'.
By all means: If possible protect your tower but with this deck it's OK to drop a tower, because you will regulary 2/3 crown the enemy.
I will talk through some off the typical decks you will encounter in victory challenges.
1) Vs the popular Giant-Beatdown decks: Use your Mini-Pekka on the giant, use the Knight on the support troops, support with zap/ice spirit if needed.
I like to drop the princess in the opposite lane for splash/support, keeping her save from poison and to bait out enemy cards in the other lane.
Vs this deck I will also use the 3M if my opponent opens with a big push (shown in the gameplay video later).
While it's ok to drop a tower, vs a giant-poison beatdown deck I rather not loose a tower the first 30 seconds !
2) Vs air decks: You are in for a treat with your 3 Musketeers ! Support with Ice Spirit/Zap/Princess if needed (in case supported by minions, tombstone, ...) or knight (in case supported by enemy miner or knight)
I will point out 1 particular deck this 3M-deck is weak too: Lava Hound - Lightning Spell. I faced this deck a couple of times in challenges and it really hard counters my deck.
If the opponent can light my 3M and get's his lava hound in, it's difficult. Best way to work-around this is rushing the other lane once your opponent drops lava hound, forcing out elixir on that lane or him giving away his tower.
3) Vs miner-control decks. The first minutes it will a battle between taking out pumps, you have some excellent counters in your deck for this.
If your opponent put's poison on your tower, you have a great opening to use your 3 Musketeers. You have both zap and ice spirit to reset/re-target the Inferno Tower which is a big plus.

On to the main force: Offense !

Like stated in the card breakdown, ALLWAYS split your 3 Musketeers.
This will do several things, the most important one is it will give your opponent 2 lanes of pressure to deal with.
It will also make it harder on your opponent to make a very good elixir trade on them and shut the opponent down from a fast counter push in the open lane.
Unlike highely used cards, not all players know how to counter the 3M and splitted 3M in particular.
A lot of opponents will focus on protecting the lane you are sending 2 musketeers at or only try to protect the tower with the lowest health.
If played well, 1 3M push can easily take down both towers at once. Off course, all depends on the skill level of your opponent so be happy with 1 tower down as well

You can split the 3M in the back or the middle. I tend to split them more in the middle because I don't want them in the back because it gives a great opportunity for my opponent to poison/fireball them togheter with my pump(s) and tower.
By the way- don't be afraid from fireball. At tournament standards your musketeers will stay alive with a sliver of health, which is more than enough because you want them for their DPS-power, not their health.
Sure, you will be doing some bad elixir trades at times - but that's typical in a 3M deck. Therefore you are more likely to drop a tower in general, but you have the raw potential to 3 crown the opponent !
Once you got a tower down and know the opponent doesn't have a perfect counter-card for your 3M such as fireball+ zap /lightning/barbs/minion horde you can drop them in the middle spot on the enemy's part for a quick 2nd tower take-out.

Now, on to a 'typical push'.
You will be splitting the muskteeers 2/1
If you have read more guides/watched videos on 3M gameplay you will frequently seen talk about 'which lane to send the lonely musketeer'.
Personally I rather vary this vs allways sending the lone muskteteer on the lane with most/least health.
I don't like to allways do the same thing in 1 game, this will make it easier on your opponent is my personal view.
If you prefer a rule-off-thumb tough: send the lonely muskteer to the lowest health-side.

Depending on the way your opponent reacts your prefered support will vary.
If my opponents aggro's one of the lanes with bulky troops (mini pekka, princes, ...) I will let that lane 'fare' for this push and focus on supporting the easier lane with my miner as a tank for either the 2 musketeers or the knight/musketeer.
If my opponent drops smaller health units I will support the lane with miner (for instance knight, goblins, archers, minions, ...)
If my opponent drops a defense building in range of my 3M I will use the miner to tank the building and use zap or ice/spirit to re-target.

2 card that aren't used in a push frequently are the mini pekka and princess.
Both those cards will be used rather if they transition from defense -> offense or when I need more firepower to battle the opponent.
Guards in particular is a card you will frequently encounter in challenges for which the princess is an ideal counter/used to support your push.
The games where I have two pumps down in double elixir time it's possible to:
1) Drop a knight in the back
2) Split 3M in the middle
3) Drop a mini-pekka in the opposite lane your knight is in
Clocking in at a 16 elixir double lane push. You will be able to even support the push further with your smaller units, making it very difficult for your opponent to guard his towers.

In the gameplay video you will see my deck in action vs a typical Giant-Poison Beatdown deck.

Good luck and enjoy the deck,


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