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The Dirtiest Spawner Deck in the whole game (Arena 6 - Arena 9)

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Hi guys its FurballTheHammy again. This time I have magically discovered the dirtiest deck in clash royale. I have been having success with it in the 3.4k - 3.6k trophy range and even got a 9-3 in a grand challenge. The decks is decent but it isn't the best, however its great if you feel that you want to troll in a random tournament and tilt a bunch of players and still go home with cards.Okay enough talking said, lets get down into unasembling this dirty deck.

Furball's Dirty Deck
Barbarian Hut
Goblin Hut
Fire spirits
Ice spirit - Goblins/Spear Goblins

This deck is quite weak to bowler to start things of first. However, the game is simple.
1st: Place down both your huts the barbarian hut in the middle and a goblin hut behind the same lane of the barbarian hut but behind your arena tower.
2nd: Defend pushes with your spawners,spirits and minions and once you have a medium gang of troops ready for a counter push, drop your mortar down and place a miner at the eneme's arena tower
3rd: Spam the laughing emote and profit while you watch your enemy's arena tower get decimated and his futile efforts to stop your godly push.

Strength of the deck
This deck is very strong against Giant Poison users, due to the sheer number of buildings you have, you can easily separate the giant and the prince and the mega minion without much issues and due to the sheer number of barbarians and goblins, it counters P.E.K.K.A decks and double prince.
It also counters the three musketeers as you have the poison spell. Lastly, for those who like to troll/hate sparky users, this deck is great due to the amount of troops the spawners produce, the sparky will most likely be stuck, sooo.... good luck for sparky users also.

Weakness of the deck
This deck is very weak against hog cycle. Due to the hog being able to be pig pushed past your barbarians hut, and you do not have very strong counters against the hog, except for your barbarians huts and minions. There is also another issue with this deck, the bowler will be a very annoying card to deal with this deck, however I have packed minions to do the job of taking out the bowler. It is still possible to beat bowlers if you time the minions correctly and position them correctly.

Deck's synergy
This deck has alot of synergy as you can see
Barbarian Hut + Goblin Hut
This is going to be your main form of pressure on the enemy
Miner + Minions
Use it if the enemy starts pushing by placing these 2 cards on the opposite lane he is pushing
Ice spirit + Fire spirits + Mortar
This can take out alot of spam if used correctly defensively and offensively. Due to the spirits being able to protect the mortar, most of the enemy's troops like barbrarians, minions , minion horde and even witches will also be killed by this combo and leave your Mortar free to feast on the enemy's tower.
Miner + Ice spirit + Fire spirits + Barbarian Hut + Goblin Hut
This is your win factor. If you manage to get all of this on the ground at once, your enemy will get shredded by this combo as you watch them wail in despair.
Due to the sheer number of barbs and goblins, your enemy will not be able to get through them with single target troops and Spam troops will be shredded by the spirits. And lastly, the miner is going to tank for the barbs and goblins if that wasnt enough to scare the enemy.

I am not one who always taunts people and tilt them. However, I do love having fun with this deck and this deck will allow spawners to be GREAT AGAIN in Legendary arena. I actually despise playing against the occasional spawner deck in legendary arena and i decided to make this random deck and it turned out, just horribly good. Its one of the dirtiest deck out there in Clash Royale definitely and the worst part is, it actually works.
I wish you good luck in trying out this dirty deck and I wish to recieve on your feedback about this deck! Good Luck And Have Fun Trolling!
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Arena 6-Arena 9 *has ice spirit* lol wut
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